A Day in the Life of Amalfi-Coast Based Founder: Rossella Del Gaudio

Dated: February 26, 2021
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This week, we had the fortunate opportunity to speak to Rossella Del Gaudio on our all new platform, The MYF Podcast.

Rossella Del Gaudio
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Founder of the charter company, Yachting & Co, Rossella Del Gaudio is an inspiring and influential presence within the industry who embodies a progressive and optimistic spirit. 

Rossella Del Gaudio

Splitting her time between Ibiza and the Amalfi Coast, you can find Rossella scouting ideal locations in the Mediterranean for her clients who desire a unique and lovingly catered travel experience.

 With the majority of her clientele hailing from the United States, Australia and Germany, Rossella introduces people from around the world to the sunswept coasts, alluring turquoise waters and welcoming cultures that make up Southern Europe.

Whether it’s spending balmy nights onboard a yacht with locally caught squid or it’s experiencing a small Italian town and its quintessential traditions for the first time, many might find Rossella’s everyday life enviable.

With a passion for entrepreneurship and a varied skill set, Rossella Del Gaudio has found the sweet spot when it comes to running a company in desirable locations whilst having the right amount of time to enjoy them for herself too.

Why The Industry Should be Optimistic About the Future

When we asked Rossella about topics such as sustainability and gender equality within the superyachting industry, we were encouraged by her positive comments.

She explained, “I meet many amazing women killing it basically in the superyacht industry and in the yacht industry in general. However, I’m not a big fan of the men versus women hype that we see nowadays because I think all humans regardless of their gender can bring a positive impact in any industry.”

In looking to the future, Rossella believes the industry and its approach to gender inclusivity is changing.

I see more and more female founders that are not being judged by the environment…so I’m positive about seeing more and more women in the industry.”

A Restaurant on the Amalfi-Coast Opens its Doors for Rossella and Her Guest

Whilst Rossella Del Gaudio usually works behind the scenes to ensure positive guest experiences on board, she sometimes is asked by her clients to join them. On our soon-to-be released podcast, Rossella shared a mesmerising tale with us about what life on board a yacht anchored in the Amalfi Coast looks like. And, let us tell you, it didn’t disappoint.

Rossella recounted, “I remember one particular day where a client asked me to have lunch at a particular restaurant. But the restaurant was actually closed. But, as I went to school with the chef, Fabrizio Mellino from Quattro Passi Restaurant, he and his father are now running the restaurant and they actually opened the restaurant just for my client.”\

Rossella Del Gaudio

As I was whisked away to a sun-drenched day on the Amalfi Coast, Rossella allowed me to continue dreaming. 

“Within a couple of hours they had set everything, a beautiful table overlooking the sea and making the client’s favourite food. This was a really good memory I have as a travel planner and travel booker because this actually makes the difference.”

What’s more, Rossella believes in the industry’s potential to financially support local economies through luxury travel. By immersing her clients in the locations Rossella introduces her guests to, Yachting & Co breaks down cultural barriers and allows for unique, worldly experiences.

“It makes you realise how having a good relationship not only to clients but also to providers and local businesses can make an impact and change the experience of the client on board. Having a restaurant opened for just yourself doesn’t happen everyday.”

Speaking to Rossella provided an insight into the ever-changing and quickly evolving superyacht industry. Remaining a trend setter for the world of luxury travel, Rossella reminds us why there’s great reason to celebrate the progress which continues to be made and the exciting, technology-driven future which awaits us.

Whilst Rossella transported us to translucent waters on the Mediteranean, we’re now back in our office on an overcast day and yet, we’re feeling assured that we’re a part of a forward-thinking, impactful and inspiring industry.

Rossella Del Gaudio

You can find the full-length and inspiring episode of the all new MYF Podcast here.

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