Behind Sea-Bubbles: Superyachts

Dated: November 6, 2020
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Think James Bond On Water, what a cool clean way to get back to your Superyacht.


Say goodbye to traditional forms of transport and hello to Sea-Bubbles. Born in France, the company is reimagining what’s possible when it comes to nautical transport. Using an innovative approach and advanced technology, Sea Bubbles is an exciting example of what’s possible when design, the nautical world of superyachts and sustainability meet.

Whilst Sea Bubbles is no superyacht, the model provides real and actionable inspiration for larger nautical designs. With zero emissions, zero noise and zero waves, it’s clear that Sea Bubbles is in a league of its own.

From sustainable fibres to waste minimisation, the superyacht industry continues to make changes to reduce its impact on both people and the planet. What’s exciting and applicable about Sea Bubbles is the incredible opportunities that sustainability offers.

As founder Alain Thebault and his company explain, “We believe that pollution and global gridlock are not only threatening our welfare, but are ultimately threatening people’s freedom of mobility. Because in 2050, there will be 4 billion cars in the streets, and even if they are all powered by clean energies, it will still create a massive traffic jam.”


By recognising the changing world we find ourselves in and the need to adapt, Sea Bubbles has provided a solution to a gap in the market. What’s more, with a growing population and a reduction in available land, it’s important we start to reconsider what our new normal will look like and how we will negotiate a changing landscape in the superyacht world.  

Sea Bubbles explains, “We believe that the future of mobility will rise from the water, a natural, historic path in the cities that has been underrated for a long time.”

In looking to the superyacht industry, it’s clear there is a lot to learn from this forward-thinking, progressive and unique company. Not only are they providing an incredible solution to a much needed demand, they are also leading the way for sustainable design. If Sea Bubbles can reinvent the wheel, superyachts have an exciting future in store. 

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