Codecasa’s New 79-Foot ‘Gentleman’s Yacht’ Is Packed With 1960s Style and Swagger

Dated: November 16, 2020
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This yacht also comes with a matching mini Gentleman’s Tender.


It’s hard to top the Italian yachts of the ‘50s and ‘60s when it comes to style and taste. That may explain why Codecasa has decided to base its newest 79-footer on the classic designs of yore.

The storied Italian yard, which has been designing luxury yachts since 1825, partnered with Luca Dini Design & Architecture to create the retro beauty that has been named simply The Gentleman’s Yacht.


The all-aluminum vessel pairs the classic lines of the ‘60s with the advanced technology of the 21st century. It has vintage flair in spades and was designed to evoke the era in which Codecasa and the port of Viareggio started to gain international recognition.


The exterior is replete with rich mahogany and chrome-plated steel, again a mix of the old and new. Particular attention was paid to maximizing the beach club, which Codecasa says is one of the biggest in class. The main deck, meanwhile, offers ample lounge seating and also stores the tender. It’s not just any tender, either. It’s a custom-made miniature version of The Gentleman’s Yacht with the same elegant lines and luxury finishes. It can be easily lowered into the water via the concealed crane.

“Yachts from the ‘50s immediately take me back to when I was a child,” says Luca Dini, who penned the original design. “So, I wanted to create something that, just by looking at it, made me relive moments of my childhood, walking in Darsena in Viareggio, admiring the timeless elegance of these boats.”

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