Enjoying Splendid Isolation aboard Billionaire Boats

Dated: April 3, 2020
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While most of us can only dream about owning a luxury yacht, many of the world’s richest people are currently taking to the seas to isolate themselves on their billionaire boats.

 Recently, it was revealed that famous music and movie producer David Geffen was practising the ultimate in social-isolation by riding out the current storm in the height of luxury aboard the 138-metre Rising Sun billionaire boat.

The 77-year-old billionaire certainly falls in the segment of the population that should be shielded for the recommended 12 weeks that the government are mandating, so if you can, why not spend your luxury confinement aboard the Rising Sun, one of the world’s largest private billionaire boats.

Currently, Geffen is residing on the Rising Sun in the Caribbean, where the mega-yacht has been since mid-November. Although the vessel has not remained moored throughout this time but instead has been seen sailing backwards and forwards between Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines since February.

Isolating in the lap of luxury

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to spend their time on the Rising Sun, regardless of whether the world is on lockdown around you?

The Rising Sun was originally built by Lurssen shipbuilders for Oracle Corp founder Larry Ellison, and currently, the billionaire boat is kitted out with a cinema, gym, spa, and a full wine cellar.

The yacht is well known for hosting some of the most famous personalities across the record and film industries, including Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DeCaprio, Tom Hanks and more, as well as a few notable political personalities too. In 2017, the yacht was the host to Barack and Michelle Obama for their holiday.

Currently ranked as the 9th largest yacht in the world, the construction costs were estimated to be around $200 million, and some sources claim it to be higher at $400 million, but it is likely to be the latter figure when you consider the number of upgrades and refits the yacht has had over the years since its completion in 2004.

The Rising Sun specifications

The Rising Sun is constructed with an aluminium superstructure that incorporates a displacement steel hull. It is fitted with zero speed stabilizers used when she is at anchor to make the vessel more stable and comfortable for her passengers.

The decks are elegantly finished in teak, with the interior design crafted by Seccombe Design and the yacht had a major refit in 2011. The interior was been designed with more than 8,000m² of living space with fully air-conditioned cabins, so perfect for large parties, but with plenty of smaller areas to allow you to escape the crowd.

The yacht is also installed with a lift to take guests between the five decks with great ease. There is also an illuminated swimming pool, fully equipped gym and a sauna to keep you active and healthy.

Despite being a well-known mega-yacht, the Rising Sun is far from the only one of a handful of billionaire boats currently cruising the Caribbean.

According to reports, Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse and Ernesto Bertarelli’s Vava II are also known to be moving around the area and dropping anchor offshore at a safe distance from some of the world’s most favourite Caribbean holiday hot spots.

Billionaire boats being snapped up

While Geffen, Abramovich, Bertarelli and other wealthy yacht owners are willing to spend out on their extravagant vessels and stay well away from the shore, there are other celebrities and rich people that don’t own yachts that have been keen to rent out billionaire boats.

Chartering a luxury yacht has been seen as a great way to not only social distance themselves from others, but to also allow themselves some freedom to have a change of scenery by upping anchor and sailing to a different location.

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