All About the World’s Largest Yacht

Dated: October 30, 2019
Category: Billionaire Boats
World’s Largest Yacht

World’s Largest Yacht: The 180-meter Azzam is usually considered to be the longest luxury yacht ever built. It was built for the president of the UAE and was handed to her new owner back in 2013 by Lurssen. Building a yacht this big is no small feat by any means. Let us see how this yacht differs from many others of its class.

Size Does Matter!

At a massive 590 feet in length, the Azzam is justifiably considered known to be the very largest super yacht in the world as of today. When it took to the sea for the very first time, there was a sound of the collective dropping of jaws amongst the yachting community. This is because it easily eclipsed the Eclipse; the 533 feet long super yacht that was originally owned by the eccentric Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Everything about the vessel is huge, especially its staggering price tag. It cost around $608 million to build. But that is not all by a long shot especially, if you vector in the sky-high cost of its yearly upkeep. Most experts and industry bigwigs believe that the annual cost of a large luxury vessel is at least 10 percent of its total cost. This means that just simply keeping the Azzam in the water would set its owner back by $60 million every year.

The project was successfully completed by Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi. He set about assembling a team of superstars in the art and science of yacht-building. The vessel’s engineering was conducted by the top-notch German shipbuilding company Lürssen.

The Azzam is built along lines of rich opulence. But then, this was inevitable since the exterior design was done by Nauta Yachts. This company knows a thing or two about luxury and opulence rolled into one. Finally, the divine interior has been composed by the legendary Christophe Leoni.

Worlds Largest Yacht

The Azzam: Need for Speed!

The Azzam is not a slow vessel by any means. It can easily reach a top speed of well over 30 knots. The Azzam can both reach and maintain this speed thanks to its unique combination of twin gas turbines as well as two diesel engines. All of them combined serve to give this 180-meter super yacht a total output of 94,000 horsepower.

The project’s total build time was also equally impressive considering the fact that it is the largest vessel in its class. But in spite of that, the construction of this yacht took only three full years and one year of engineering.


The Azzam flies the Abu Dhabi flag and is rarely seen in the mainstream yachting locations of the world— if ever. This is because it is generally being operated only in Middle Eastern waters.

It is a privilege for any boat lover to feast his or her eyes on the Azzam: The ultimate symbol of luxury and class in the whole world!

Largest Yacht

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