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Fancy a Floating Condo Aboard a Mega Yacht?

Dated: September 14, 2020
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While owning your very own mega yacht and sailing the seven seas in splendid isolation may be a pipe-dream for the majority of us, a new concept combining the prestige of a mega yacht with homeownership may just be the key to your seafaring freedom.

There is a new concept floating around about owning a condominium aboard a mega-yacht that has proven to be too tempting to pass up for a group of skilled maritime shipping experts based in Miami.

The concept is to create a live-aboard option where condominiums can be owned on a 290-foot former boutique expedition mega yacht. Oceanic Resort Condos of America – ORCA, has taken up the challenge of converting the yacht’s luxury staterooms into condo-living units to be sold on the open market.

Limited condo availability

The 5-star luxury yacht, Larga Vida, will only have 50 condo-living suites available to private buyers, so this exclusivity and rarity are expected to create an overwhelming demand for the units.

The vessel will be home-ported in South Florida, which makes it very handy for escaping for a bit of Caribbean cruising for the condo occupants living aboard wanting to explore the islands for a few days per month.

As well as travelling the Caribbean islands the mega yacht is also scheduled to visit South and Central America for two weeks each year. This makes it a great way to combine all the comforts of home with the chance to experience a bit of adventure and plenty of beach life.

The Larga Vida will offer larger accommodation than your average cruise ship cabins with suites ranging from 235 sq’ ft to 360 sq’ ft. So you will be getting a very up-scale condominium complex with just 50 units available, giving it an air of exclusivity, along with 5 free owner’s guest staterooms, a dance lounge, three full meals a day provided, a top-rated gourmet chef on Fridays, use of a top-deck hot tub, onboard beauty salon, fully equipped gym, exclusive bar lounge and a dedicated medical centre.

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Oh, and let’s not forget the complimentary professionally piloted $3 million submarine that condo residents get to use for sightseeing!

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Megayacht resident ownership

When you purchase one of the new condominiums you will also become part-owner of the mega yacht itself. Because the vessel isn’t owned by the developer, this means that the residential owners can determine the ship’s itineraries.

If you happen to have a spare $298,000 to $468,000, you can buy one of these condos, plus you will need to pay a nominal monthly HOA fee to cover the costs of running the yacht at sea and anchor. This fee also covers all your shipboard activities – including your meals, but not your alcoholic drinks.

Who would be attracted to this condo-living concept?

While the idea of living aboard a mega yacht full-time isn’t something that would appeal to everyone, it goes without saying that prospective condo-owners will need to love the sea!

This innovative living concept is very much targeted towards successful Millennials that can work remotely, and to those of retirement age that would be happy to sell up to gain their sea-legs. There is a large number of retirees that consider relocating to Florida to enjoy their golden years and this sort of condo-living idea may be very appealing to them.

Who couldn’t resist the thought of visiting fun events held each year without needing to lift a finger to get there? Fancy going to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Done. How about spending New Year’s Eve in Key West? OK, let’s go!

In the post-COVID-19 world, the vessel will have several protective technologies in place, such as a HEPA-grade air filter device installed in the vessel’s air conditioning and ventilation systems, and a discreet temperature scanning system that monitors everyone coming aboard.

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