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Ferretti Yacht Builders Launch Their Largest Flagship To Date

Dated: July 27, 2020
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Measuring in at 100 foot, the brand-new Ferretti Yachts 1000 flagship yacht is the largest luxury vessel the yacht builders have launched so far.

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This flagship boat project is the result of a partnership between Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee, led by engineer Piero Ferrari, with exterior architect Filippo Salvetti and interior design company Ideaeitalia.

The new flagship vessel cuts quite a sporty image with the exteriors following the same sporty theme as the most recent models in the Ferretti Yacht Builders range. However, this boat retains a very high level of a traditional Ferretti style and prestige with lots of glass and teak being used throughout.

What is also notable about this yacht, despite its large size, is the extensive use of carbon fibre in the construction of the superstructure, making the vessel more lightweight, yet robust and sustainable. It is a boat that has been very much built for the future!

Ferretti yacht builders new style

The Ferretti Yachts 1000 marks a new style for the yacht builders with the emphasis on simple, clean-cut design. While the new flagship yacht cuts a strong, yet graceful appearance, there has been a complete makeover of the onboard flows that is set to become the new benchmark for the larger vessels in the Ferretti range.

Despite following a new concept, faithful Ferretti customers will not be disappointed with the new contemporary interior changes being adopted by the brand. The modern interior design presents a revamped stern concept with 40 m² of living space.

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With very careful planning and good utilisation of the available space, the interior of the yacht still has that classic Ferretti yacht builders touch and feel that helps guests feel completely at home.

The new interior design concept

The modular layout and free-standing furniture onboard the yacht enables the owners to model the setting how they like it and put their own personal preferences into action. The yacht doesn’t make guests feel hemmed in at all because of the large floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing lots of natural light to pour in.

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The yacht builders have given a lot of care and attention to the furnishings and fabrics used by to add a sense of lightness and timeless style that will not quickly become dated. The use of plush, fine fabrics adds an extra layer or warmth, security and comfort that helps to soften the edges of the sheer glass and marble used throughout.

Choose your mood!

Another innovative feature of the new flagship is the influence coming from the partnership with Ideaeitalia. There is a clever choice between two interior ‘moods’ – classic or contemporary.

The classic mood features lots of natural, traditional, soft and subtle tones and contrasts, whereas the contemporary mood comes with a choice to use more bold colours using more modern, urban influences.

No matter which mood you choose, the yacht offers the owner five cabins for their guests along with a large and very comfortable private owner’s suite on the main deck.

New swimming deck design

The Ferretti Yachts 1000 comes with a very impressive beach club deck with a large retractable swimming platform.

The swimming platform is a ground-breaking design concept that has three steps on each side that open out as the platform lowers, making it easy for guests to climb up when the platform is submerged underwater.

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The Ferretti Group has patented the design, which was developed by the Engineering Department.

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