Flying Fox, Part of World’s Billion Dollar Superyacht Club, Wins Award At World Superyachts Awards

Dated: November 16, 2020
Category: Mega Yachts Fan
Superyacht Club

Considering the continued uncertainty which the world faces, it’s been a time of reimagining what’s possible and reinventing the wheel. From Zoom meetings to social distancing regulations, the pandemic has resulted in the world facing a new definition of normal. What’s more, as we adapt to continual change, travel remains largely off limits for many individuals and thus, it came as no surprise that the World Superyacht Awards moved from a physical event to an online ceremony.

Regarded as one of the most exciting nights for the superyacht industry, the new forum for the event didn’t disappoint. With an array of exciting awards on offer and an equally astounding group of winners to match, the Worlds Superyacht Awards remind us of the industry’s elegance, luxury, finesse and craftsmanship.

An example of such is the awe-inspiring Flying Fox which won an Award for Displacement Motor Yachts 5,000GT and above. Whilst Flying Fox remains an astounding, beautiful and efficiently designed superyacht, the award reminds us of the internal structures which make up nautical models and allow them to be luxurious both externally and internally.

The highly regarded charter company, Imperial Yachts, was involved in the build and management and continues to do so today, making the Award an exciting achievement across the board.

As Imperial Yachts state, “We are very honored to be ending 2020 with such a great news…The dream of FLYING FOX was made reality thanks to each and everyone one of you.”

The Award indeed confirms that Flying Fox has always been and remains to be a founding part of the world’s billion dollar yacht club. So, as the year comes to a close, it’s an exciting and much-deserved time of recognition and acknowledgment for the superyacht industry.

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