Getting Paid to Look After Luxury Boats? Is This Even Possible?

Dated: March 4, 2020
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If you are the world’s biggest mega yachts fan, but could never dream of owning one of your own, is there a way to get paid for actually looking after someone else’s yacht?

Well, if you are very lucky, there is! 

According to a news report from the Metro, you can get paid £1,100 per month, with free food and accommodation to manage a luxury boat with your best friend!

The thought of spending your days navigating a luxury boat around the coast of France with your best mate, with free food, accommodation and a monthly wage all thrown in maybe your dream come true. However, these opportunities are few and far between.

Like many news headlines, the reality may be quite different from what you think. In this case, you would be working onboard this luxury boat as a deckhand and also as a hostess when there are guests in attendance. You would also be responsible for managing any private dinner parties and events that the owner decides to throw, and cleaning up afterwards, so it may not be as glamorous a job as the headlines state.

The upside to this opportunity is that when there are no guests on board, you are free to do what you like! 

Tempted? Hmm… maybe. Although you do need to bring a friend or partner with you to work as an effective team.

Although the above job is only for the summer, if you wanted to escape to the high seas more long term, your other option would be to get a job on a mega yacht.

luxury boats flying fox
The Fying Fox

 So how exactly do you land a job on a mega yacht?

Working on a mega yacht is a unique experience. Whether you only fancy doing it for a year or two, or you get hooked and want to take it up for longer, there is no doubt that your experience will look good on your CV or resume!

Working on luxury boats can be very lucrative and can lead to a long-term career. However, it can feel pretty intimidating when you first start out. There are also lots of different jobs on luxury yachts that need doing, so it would be worth looking at what jobs are on offer and which role would best suit your skills, experience and personality.

There are specialist agencies that supply staff to yacht owners, so you can join an agency and find a job that is suitable for you. Before you apply though, you need to know where you would fit in best. With well over 10,000 luxury boats in existence that need a crew, you have a good chance of getting your foot in the door.

The number of staff needed will vary according to the size of the yacht and the number of passengers on board. For safety reasons, and to meet legislation set out by regulating bodies such as the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS),  most superyachts up to 60 metres in length will cater for up to 12 guests with a crew of 6 18 needed. Luxury boats over this size will need more crew for safety reasons and there will be more vacancies available on board.

luxury boats st barthelemys
St Barthelemys Yacht

What sort of jobs are available on mega yachts?

Before you even start to look for jobs onboard luxury boats, you will need to get some basic training and medical certification. The minimum requirement for entry-level positions on yachts is your STCW’s and ENG1 Medical Certificate.

 Your STCW training should cover the following elements:

 ·        STCW Personal Survival Techniques

·         STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

·         STCW Elementary First Aid

·         STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

While you should have some sailing experience, you can still get a crew job if you are genuinely interested in sailing. You also have to understand that your working hours can be long and hard. As long as the boat owner and their guests are up and awake, you will be busy! Even when empty of guests, your day will be spent maintaining the boat, so there will always be plenty of cleaning and polishing to be done.

Depending on the size of the mega yacht and whether it is a private trip or charter hire, it will be common for you to be responsible for more than one job onboard. You may be assisting the chef to prepare an evening meal, serving drinks and canapes to guests for a couple of hours, then be involved in the clean up afterwards.

 You could work onboard a mega yacht as a second engineer, but you could also be given deckhand duties to perform, or you could be a stewardess but also double up as a crew cook. It helps if you have flexible skills and be willing to adopt different roles on board ship.

Take a look at our Mega List page to see what sort of mega yachts you could end up working on if you get lucky enough to land a crew position. 

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