Heesen Yachts Launches New Superyacht Set for Release This Summer: Meet Altea

Dated: March 26, 2021
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As we enter spring and edge closer to summer, it’s a time of growth, innovation and celebration for the industry as a whole. With new builds on the horizon and as we welcome those warmer months, there’s a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air.

Heesen Yachts as an Industry Leader

One such company embracing the times of growth is the Netherlands-based company Heesen Yachts. The history of the company is an interesting one when former founder, Frans Heesen, acquired Striker Boats in 1978. Heesen went on to extend, develop and evolve the brand into an industry leader, producing some of the world’s finest superyachts. Whilst Heesen stepped away from the company in 2015, the brand retains its values of elegance, professionalism and sheer beauty.

Reflecting these qualities is Heesen Yachts unwavering appetite for new construction and builds. Set for delivery this June, the 50-metre superyacht that is Altea is in its fourth stage of the building phase. With design and keel laying as well as joining hull and structure complete, Altea is now in its technical launch.

Undergoing trials in the North Sea, the date of delivery is quickly nearing and we’re excited for this incredible build to enter the market.

Taking A Closer Look at Altea

When we explore the Altea in depth, there’s a lot to celebrate.

Heesen Yachts explains, “Altea offers fast yet highly efficient performance thanks to her FDHF aluminium hull with a shallow draft of just 2.15 metres. Her contemporary exterior design, by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects, showcases a profile characterised by a long waterline and floor-to-ceiling windows. A gently reversed stem with spray rails gives her a distinctive look.”

Offering the space to host 12 guests, Altea’s interior is as elegant as it is spacious. The finesse and attention to detail which has been put into both Altea’s interior and exterior as well as the build’s focus on power, speed and efficiency make June an exciting month to watch.

And, it doesn’t stop there as Heesen Yachts looks to the future for further builds including Project Aura, Project Sapphire and Project Gemini; all set for delivery in 2022.

Continued Growth on the Horizon

Whilst it’s clearly a time of development for Heesen Yachts, the growth of this individual company reflects a wider trend which rings true for the industry as a collective.

Despite the circumstances, the superyachting world continues to prevail as a trend setter, world influencer and game changer. Indeed, the future holds in store a great sense of possibility, growth and development.

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