How Monaco’s Gala for Planetary Health Is Helping The Superyacht Industry

Dated: October 15, 2020
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Superyacht Industry News: On September 24th, set in one the world’s most picturesque cities, the Monaco Gala for Planetary Health was held. Presided by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco, the gala is dedicated to the health of the ocean, earth and humanity. The gala was hosted by the world’s leading foundation for environmental protection and activism, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

What’s more, the gala is directly concerned with the ocean’s health and looks for ways to increase the sustainability of the super yachting industry as a whole. Consequently, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation launched the Sustainable Yachting Network. The network looks for ways to increase the yachting industry’s sustainability from materials used to best practices.

With the likes of Dame Helen Mirren, Andy Garcia, Kate Beckinsale and Leona Lewis in attendance, Monaco’s Gala for Planetary Health is an example of the power and influence which Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has and the positive impact it can make on the superyacht industry.

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Considering the pandemic we now face, as well as the challenges of the climate crisis, it’s uplifting and encouraging to see the gala being held in accordance with covid-19 safety protocols.

As Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation explains, “The Gala’s signature auction, as always, was an evening highlight, helping to raise substantial funds that support the Foundation’s critical and comprehensive portfolio of conservation projects.”

The gala auctioned off a wealth of incredible prizes including, “a private dinner with HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco; an autographed Schiller water bike with a personal water-biking lesson from HSH Princess Charlene; a doubles tennis match with the ATP #1 Men’s Singles tennis professional Novak Djokovic…”

What role does the gala play in enacting positive change?

The gala is an exciting and much-needed reminder of the continual support and dedication which both individuals and systems are placing on the health of people and the planet. With a growing awareness and established environmental movement, it’s not only essential for events such as the gala to exist but also for more efforts, finances and support to be put towards environmental and social purpose-driven initiatives.

Prince Albert II of Monaco as a positive change agent

Considered a leading force of change within the environmental space, Prince Albert II of Monaco clearly illustrates what is possible and how effective, positive change can be made.

What’s more, the foundation works with a variety of areas to better the world including the development of energy efficiency and renewable energies, a commitment against deforestation, the development of marine protected areas and the conservation of endangered species.

When we explore each of these in detail, it’s clear the foundation works to empower, educate and enable action to be made for the benefit of our current generation as well as those to come. The foundation is also working with industries such as the superyacht industry to improve standards and encourage the adoption of more sustainable practices.

Superyacht Industry: The Verdict

The Monaco Gala for Planetary Health is a reminder of what’s possible when stakeholders, industry leaders and activists come together to support a cause for good. With this the newsustainablestandard, what else is possible for the superyacht industry.

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