The wealthy are dreaming up superyachts to weather future pandemics

Dated: May 19, 2020
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Dreaming Up Superyachts: When they’re not sketching the world’s most expensive playthings, superyacht designers usually spend their time zipping between their clients’ jets and compounds, hashing out ideas.

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Confined to home like the rest of us, yacht designers are still hard at work dreaming up superyachts. They are especially busy because, as the world’s wealthiest are realising, the right kind of superyacht could be the ultimate escape in a post-pandemic world. And so the designers have been tasked with creating yachts that means the rich and wealthy can escape future pandemic yet remain in utter luxury.

One of the crucial elements to yachting during a pandemic is that not all Countries allow you to port. The closed borders preventing cross contamination mean that the guests and crew cannot easily avail themselves of standard items, and so pandemic proof yachts must have the ability for essentials and luxuries to be either stored safe and well (not so easy if you are looking at storing fresh fruit and vegetables, but fine if we are talking fine wines and cognac) or can be transported in. Helipads are on the pandemic proofed yacht checklist.

Maintaining connections with the outside work is important and so extra large screen TVs connected to Zoom, Teams or Google Meet again is on the checklist. But a priority is entertainment and exercise to promote a healthy mental wellbeing. A Gymnasium, Spa, Pool and of course a garage full of tenders is also on the pandemic proofed yacht checklist.

What would you have on yours?

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