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Dated: February 10, 2020
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Up to date Megayacht News: Here at Mega Yachts Fan, we do love keeping you up to date with all the latest news and events about the lavish yachts owned by the worlds’ most prominent multi-millionaires.

The rich and famous absolutely love investing in some truly amazing yachts and they kind of get a kick out of the fact that their yachts have their own set of devoted fans, regardless of who actually owns them. In fact, many mega yacht fans can know more details about the yacht than the owner!

You can truly appreciate the beauty and technical detail of a mega yacht in its own right, regardless of the owner.

Yachts can be more famous than their owner.

Whenever a mega yacht makes an appearance, the spectacle of its arrival can attract hordes of people wanting to get a glimpse of the vessel as it glides into a dock. We like to be front and centre of the queue whenever possible, so if you cannot grab a chance at seeing these yachts in person, don’t forget to check in on our news page for the very latest mega yacht news and sightings.

Who could fail to be impressed by the conspicuous display of wealth associated with the likes of:

Motor Yacht A – owned by Andrey Melnichenko, recently spotted mooring on the Thames, next to D-day warship HMS Belfast by Tower Bridge.

tower bridge london

As one of the world’s largest megayachts, the 119-metre (390ft) vessel, with its three swimming pools and a helipad, is something of a spectacle in its own right and offers fans a tantalising glimpse of an exclusive lifestyle enjoyed by the super-rich elite.

As Melnichenko has now put the iconic boat up for sale, following his upgrade to the even larger  143-metre Sailing Yacht A, there is no doubt that the famous yacht will still hold its spell over its dedicated fan club, no matter who the new owner will be.

Megayacht News Updates

Up to date Megayacht News: Keeping track of who owns which mega yacht and breaking news about new yachts being commissioned can be made easier when you regularly come back and visit our News Page. We will do our best to keep you abreast of all the latest yacht related news.

At the time of writing the world’s top three megayachts are listed below, but this list is subject to change so keep checking our news page for the latest updates on your favourite megayachts:

1: Azzam

azzam white megayacht

Built in 2013, with estimated costs of around $400m. With a length of 180 metres and with the interior thought to be a relaxed French Empire style of décor.

2: Eclipse

eclipse megayacht at night

Built in 2010, with a cost of around £724m. With a length of 162.5 metres, this yacht has a three-person leisure submarine, two pools, one of which allows it to be converted into a dance floor, and even has a missile defence system, and a privacy feature to help disrupt digital cameras from taking photos.

3: Dubai
megayacht in dubai

Built in 2006, with a cost estimated to be around $400m. With a length of 162 metres, this yacht has a feature circular staircase built with glass steps that change colour, as well as a landing platform for a Blackhawk helicopter.

While ownership of such vessels is the preserve of multi-millionaires and billionaires, we can still dream!

Even if the closest we can get to enjoy these amazing boats is to look at them and not to be a guest aboard one of them, we can still appreciate and admire their sleek design, high-end style and cutting-edge technology, keep up to date with all Mega Yacht News right here on our Mega Yacht News Page.

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