La Datcha, A Billionaire Boat that is sure to Break The Ice

Dated: October 12, 2020
Category: Billionaire Boats

A brand-new ice-breaking superyacht called La Datcha is truly a vessel worthy of being called a billionaire boat!

Built for Russian banking billionaire, Oleg Tinkov, the superyacht La Datcha comes complete with two helicopters, and anyone wishing to charter it will need to fork out a cool  $850,000 per week in rent.

A true sea explorer, La Datcha, is the latest jewel in the successful SeaXplorer crown and was built to be an ice-breaker in some of the most remote and chilly areas of the world. 

The 252-foot (77 m) vessel was commissioned for Oleg Tinkov and was launched in July 2020 by Netherlands-based top luxury yacht builders Amels and Damen Yachting. It is set to embark on its maiden voyage later this year which includes everything from polar discovery to tropical pleasure.

The maiden voyage will be a three-year tour to include Russia, Central America, the Mediterranean, Antarctica, and Oceania, among other prime destinations, which is set to include heli-skiing in Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands and diving adventures off the shores of Papua New Guinea.

Equipped to travel to the most remote destinations like the Arctic and Antarctic, this six-deck explorer yacht comes with plenty of fun toys for the ship’s guests, including two helicopters, a pair of snowmobiles, four jet skis, five additional boats, and a personal submarine carrying up to three guests.

Built both for adventure and for pleasure, and with 25 crew members to run the ship, guests will be able to have every need met with the ships resort-like facilities. According to sources close to the owner, Tinkov is an extreme-sports enthusiast, so the appeal of having an assortment of toys to use in all climates is an important element to him.

Cruising from pole to pole

Because superyacht La Datcha meets the International Maritime Organization’s Polar Code and can break through sea ice that’s up to 16 inches thick, it is a yacht built to explore both Arctic and Antarctic waters.

While most superyachts tend to stick to cruising around the Mediterranean or Caribbean seas, which make up just a tiny 5% of the world’s coastlines, the La Datcha was built to push these limits and enable it to explore the other 95% of the world.

The ship even comes equipped with a post-dive decompression chamber enabling guests to do more than a bit of snorkelling or shallow diving when exploring the seas.

Built for long journeys, the superyacht can stay at sea for 40 days in a row, thanks to its enhanced fuel tanks and cutting-edge waste disposal management system, and has a full complement of 25 crew members to keep everything ship-shape and running smoothly so guests can safely enjoy the most spectacular Arctic and Antarctic landscapes thanks to Ice Class and IMO Polar Code engineering.

Superyacht La Datcha: Luxury and durability

While the yacht is capable of tackling extreme weather conditions and icy seas, La Datcha doesn’t skimp on luxury touches to delight her guests. Her interiors were created by architect Vasiliy Shprits, accommodating up to 12 guests across six luxury suites, with each suite containing its own private bathroom and walk-in closet, there are lots of amenities included for the pleasure of her guests.

Included onboard are two hot tubs, a fully equipped gym, extra-large beach club with sauna, steam room, and a luxury massage room. Guests can travel between the six decks using the swanky glass lift. With a fully certified primary helideck as well as a standby deck for a second helicopter, both aircraft fit comfortably into the below-deck hangar. The yacht will be headlining at the first-ever Amels and Damen Yachting Private View Event, 2020.

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