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Meet The London Design Firm Disrupting The World Of Superyachts

Dated: September 3, 2020
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Bergman Interiors has just launched a superyacht department to their established London design firm, Njord. Njord, which takes its name from the Norse god of wind and waters, was launched by Albin Berglund, alongside Marie Soliman and Sarah Colbon.

“I think the biggest compliment we’ve received is, ‘Oh my God it looks different!’” Explains Berglund, whom along with Soliman, have 25 years combined experience. After years of innovating the world of luxury interiors and architectural design, they recently noticed the superyacht sector seemed to attract people with limitless budgets despite limited variations in the design and execution of the Herculean boats. With this knowledge, they joined forces with Sarah Colbon, a long-time marketing and management executive in the yachting industry with a bursting little black book, and together they created Njord.

Njord, Bergman Interiors new yacht department.

Colbon has worked with some major, iconic yachts, including the likes of Black Pearl, the 350-foot, three-mast superyacht built by Oceanco and managed by Divergent Yachting, one of the world’s most impressive vessels.

Impressing a client that has everything is very difficult. The team have to find things the client has never seen before that will get them excited. It’s all down to designing something that is suprising, but functional and practical at the same time. Soliman explains how you suprise someone that has seen every finish of wood and marble, and that has travelled the world;

“We challenge, and we push the boundaries. When you say ‘boat’, you have a very specific idea of what will you see. The same happens in hotel lobbies and lounges or gyms. But the idea behind Bergman was always to break that mould. And we are doing the same here with yachts.”

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