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Mega yacht Concept – 433 Foot Crecere

Dated: March 22, 2021
Category: Blog

Boat of the Week: An epic 433 foot mega yacht Concept “Crecere” has a Sea-Salt pool that “disappears” when not in use.

mega yacht concept

The word “Crecere”, when translated from Latin, means to grow. This mega yacht concept does exactly that – it grows it’s space when you need it and hides what it has when not in use. Magically disappearing it’s sea-salt pool.

The 52 foot by 10 foot lap pool rises up out of the deck to create a glass sided pool that is filled with salt water using high-speed pumps. The pool then hides below deck when not in use. The pool empties in seconds, meaning that the helicopter can land safely where the pool once was. Of course, depending on how quickly the swimmers vacate the area!

One of the key benefits of this is that the weight of the water in the pool is reduced when it is not in use, which is more economic and reduces drag, which means improved performance and power.

The bow was inspired by classic J-class sailboats. “We wanted the yacht to look sleek and fast, with uncluttered lines. Even though the concept is for a yacht that’s over 400 feet, we wanted her to have the soul of a much smaller vessel,” says Weiss, the designer.

And using cleverly designed features, like the lap pool, that are multi functional and fun, the concept achieves this in shed-loads.

Additionally, this is a hybrid concept, using a diesel/electric set-up, bio-fuel generators and solar panels that charge the battery banks. So economical, fun and dexterous too.

This concept has not just been designed for fun, but has a potential buyer in mind, and an additional challenge that the designer is working on is a car-carrying tender! The potential buyer has a collection of classic cars, of which he would take 6 or 7 with him on the yacht.

“We’re working on a military-style landing craft that can be deployed from the side of the hull, and be able to run-up onto a beach or boat ramp,” says Weiss. “You can do a lot of fun stuff when you have something that’s 433 feet long.”

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