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Dated: October 30, 2019
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Mega Yachts & Super Yachts: Whenever you’re up for a sea vacation, you look for a luxury yacht ride. There’s no doubt that sea vacation is great for solo or group travels.

Just like we’ve got a variety of vehicles for different types of journeys, motor yachts fall into two main categories. Namely, super yachts and mega yachts. However, the term giga yachts is also used, these yachts differentiated on their sizes and facilities.

Before we know the difference, let’s talk about what a Yacht is and how it works:

What is a Yacht?

Yacht is simply a luxury watercraft packed with general facilities to enjoy the calmness of the sea. Their length ranges from 80 feet to onwards and the ones with larger length obviously offer more facilities than usual. They can be either sailing yachts, motor yachts or motor sailers. Sailing yachts are powered by winds or sails, motor yachts make use of engines to move while motor sailors have got both facilities.

Yachts, as described earlier, fall into two categories:

Super Yachts:

A superyacht is considered to be the one that is at least 24 meters or 78 feet in length. With luxury and glamour together, they are used for a family vacation with the freedom to travel the beautiful spots with great comfort and privacy.

Superyacht’s crew normally consists of captains, engineers, and chefs. Regarding the accommodation capacity, it is capable to acquire 12 or more people abroad. Most of the superyachts have great dining areas and may include a collection of water toys including water bikes. Similarly, some of them feature swim platforms on the waterline to have swimming parties on the go.

Mega Yachts:

Mega Yachts are greater in size, and their length ranges over 200-feet or 60-meters. This can be considered as the starting size for a mega yacht as the sea has got greater yachts, too.

Unlike superyachts, their crew is greater in size and offer a variety of services on board. Luxury Mega Yachts may have passenger licenses to allow accommodation for guests. Megayachts have similar guest-to-crew ratio similar to seven-star hotels. In comparison with superyachts, they’re packed with more elite facilities. Spas, gyms, helipads, private owners deck and even cinemas are present in these mega watercrafts.

Megayacht is not universally described so accurate specifications can vary. However, the facilities we talked about are commonly available in a 200-feet or long yacht.

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