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Dated: April 7, 2020
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Megayachts News: Our team at Mega Yachts Fan love keeping up with all the latest news going on in the world of superyachts and what builds the world’s major luxury yacht builders have on their books at the moment.

We were thrilled to find out that luxury yacht builders Bilgin have moved their third hull in their 80 metres 263 series to their West Istanbul marina to be fitted out.

Bilgin launched their first boat in the series, the Tatiana, in February this year and the Tatiana has now become famous for being the joint longest luxury yacht to be built in Turkey.

The third vessel in the series now being fitted out is expected to be officially launched in 2022 and will share equal billing with the Tatiana as well as the second vessel in the series, the Bilgin 263, which is yet to be properly named.

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Similar, but different 

More Megayachts News: While all three vessels in the Bilgin 263 series look very similar, number three in the series will have several differences that will distinguish it from its sister ships. The third yacht will have a unique interior layout with a larger percentage given over to accommodate living areas. 

The third Bilgin 263 will have a top speed of 20 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots. The vessel has also been styled to give a more sleek, if not aggressive profile than the other two hulls. While essentially built along with the same plan as the previous two vessels in the series, number three has been described by the Chief Executive and Founder of Unique Yacht Design, Emrecan Özgün, as ‘truly one-of-a-kind.’

More elbow room for guests

Bilgin is hoping that their unique approach to increasing the living areas onboard the vessel will help to form new design attitudes to luxury yacht interiors moving forward. The Bilgin 263 is sure to become a new trendsetter for new steel-aluminium luxury yacht interior designs in the future.

Despite the new Bilgin 263 offering guests more breathing space and elbow room, the designers haven’t short-changed them on other luxury features and amenities. They also plan to fit out the ship with a large spa area at the aft and plan an internal colour scheme using a palette of light but rich shades. 

Major internal changes

Before planning the new interior design for the third vessel the company listened carefully to their customer feedback. Their planned changes include a larger aft section for both the top deck and the upper deck, increased window volumes, and a repositioning of the Jacuzzi from the aft (as in the first two vessels) to the main deck and incorporating a waterfall into the design that pours from the upper deck.

The third vessel in the series will also have the glass lift operating from the top deck to the lower deck. The owner’s cabin will also be repositioned to sit at the front of the upper deck.

Growth in the motorised luxury yacht segment

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While the motorised luxury yacht segment is projected to see rapid growth in the market over the next five years, in terms of volume, more European luxury-yacht builders are accounting for the largest global share of the market. 

Italy currently accounts for about 42% of the global market, but with other big players such as Bilgin hot on their heels, it looks like Turkey could become a hot spot for producing a fair slice of the luxury yacht market in the coming years.

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