No one needs a superyacht, but they keep selling them

Dated: October 28, 2019
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No one needs a Superyacht: The end of summer is a nervous time for superyacht designers, and not because they fear that the owners of their latest creations may be disappointed with the first outings in the Mediterranean. The worry is about the designers’

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Because of the length of time it takes to create a stunning superyacht, often the client changes their mind about the specification. Usually because they have seen upgrades and other things they like at yacht shows and on other vessels.

Although superyacht designers are adaptable and of course will do everything they can to help their clients dreams come true, sometimes even the slightest change in detail can mean massive changes for the yachtbuilders. This of course puts added time pressure onto the build and incurs additional costs.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of resistance to significant changes, although the colour of the towels and bed-linen can more easily be accommodated, changing the internal layout, adding a helipad or trying to squeeze in a gymnasium can mean a rebuild or refurbishment even before the craft is launched. These type of significant changes are very costly, and very time consuming,

So when you order a superyacht, the designer will go through a long-winded but essential process making sure every detail is considered before you sign off the details and before the final design is created, and most definitely before they set to work building your dream yacht.

There will be 3d drawings, mood boards, swatches of fabric, granite, gold and silver, images of fixtures and fitting to scour through, and then these are all pulled together to show you what each element will look like to get that approval before the build, because as we have already stated, making a change away from a design can be costly and time consuming.

Often, a yacht builder will use the services of an interior designer to compliment the services of the exterior designer, and these may even venture into designing stationery, crew uniforms and more. Just to make the dream complete.

If you are interested in having your own SuperYacht, get in touch and we can direct you to some of the best yachtbuilders there are.

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