Now You Can Fly To Your Superyacht Thanks to This Business Partnership

Dated: November 14, 2020
Category: Blog

Fly To Your Superyacht: Luxury travel just got a whole lot better thanks to the new business partnership between VistaJet and the yachting company, Camper &Nicholsons. The VistaJet-to-Yacht-Service is part of the Private World Program which specialises in luxury travel.

Considering the world remains in a state of uncertainty and regulations continue to alter how we can travel, the partnership is an exciting achievement which will help holiday-makers and yacht owners to reach their destinations safely and securely.

As Paolo Casani, CEO of Camper &Nicholsons explains,“The pandemic has put us through difficult times, but it has also been a wakeup call with regards to what is most precious in life – our health.”

With personal health, safety and security at the forefront of all travel plans, the launch is an ideal time which meets an increasing need to offer individuals more opportunities for travel.

With access to the world’s most incredible and sought-after destinations, the jet to yacht service provides a solution to the need for safe and isolated travel, meaning you can fly to your Superyacht.

When it comes to price, VistaJet is not explicit about the cost of service however there is a general consensus. As Forbes explains, “…one-way hourly rates that include any ferry flight expenses are thought to range between $12,000 and $20,000.”

Whilst the price is definitely not for all, the introduction of more services similar in kind may result in a lowered price and increased accessibility. The world of luxury travel is only set to grow so what else is possible? As Paulo Casani effectively concludes,“Our mission is to give our clients the safest travel experience while enjoying life aboard some of the world’s most stunning yachts. We are delighted to have a partner, VistaJet, that supports our mission in creating the most exclusive and safest way of travelling, hassle free.”

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