Olokun, the Gleaming Black Superyacht.

Dated: October 23, 2020
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Olokun, black and beautiful! You don’t see that many black superyachts, for many reasons, but one in particular:

White reflects most of the sunlight and, therefore, the interior of the yacht doesn’t get as hot. Yachts typically sail in tropical, warm climate places, and a lot of passengers on-board seeking comfort, and overheating is not confortable.

This alone would make any dark-coloured luxury yacht stand out from the crowd, but the latest build from the Tankoa shipyard, Olokun, has a lot more than just its gleaming black exterior to make you look twice.

Olokun was launched in September this year in Genoa, Italy and is currently undergoing sea trials, and is therefore still considered to be “under construction”. It’s the third 50 meter (164-foot) yacht to be built by Tankoa shipyard and it was meant to be a standard (if there is such a thing when describing mega or super yachts) luxury superyacht until the owner came into the picture, with a set of very precise and very interesting instructions.

Unlike most yachts, Olokun has a black hull and a grey superstructure, and has a matching interior. The exterior design is by Francesco Paszkowski, and the interiors are by Casa Dio.

Tankoa CEO Vincenzo Poerio says that Tankoa is a “boutique” shipyard and, as such, they were able to accommodate the requests.

They didn’t come without challenges, as Poerie himself explains in a recent interview with Boat International.

We started the project on spec and the owner came into the project quite late during construction, but we wanted to tailor the yacht to his personal needs,” 

“The second cabin connecting to his own suite on the main deck is a good example. It meant cutting a hole in the bulkhead and re-routing all the wiring so his private office could be converted into a cabin.”

Vincenzo Poerio

More socialising space was created by moving the dining room from the main deck to the upper deck, and a wealth of other small changes have been made to accommodate the new owners taste.

Olokun has a semi-displacement hull and twin MTU 8V 4000 M54 diesel engines with 2,400 hp in total. This allows it to muster a top speed of 17.5 knots, with a cruising speed of 14 knots. And the black has received additional paint layers to reduce the temperature to ensure the onboard guests feel comfortable, and a protective coating too, ensuring she is shiney, glossy and gleaming and easier to maintain too.

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