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Reasons Why Billionaires Love Their Mega Yachts

Dated: May 18, 2021
Category: Blog

It is pretty easy to understand why so many billionaires love investing in one, two or even more mega-yachts when they have the available finances to do so.

As mega-yacht fans ourselves, many of us can only dream of owning one super-vessel let alone more than one, so when you have the opportunity to have your dream-yacht custom-built for you, then why not!

For the super-rich and famous that have their every move documented and scrutinised by the media, owning a mega-yacht represents the height of privacy and luxury. It offers a perfect way to escape the world and enjoy some well-earned me-time in splendid isolation.

Yes, mega-yachts are the ultimate in status symbols being as they are so huge, gilded and totally gorgeous. But they are also such an effective way to entertain the yacht owners’ often just as rich and powerful friends and business associates that they have become an invaluable tool for forging new business relationships and solidifying existing ones.

So not only do mega yachts offer their owners and their families a welcome break from their busy lives, but they are also a very useful business tool to help owners nurture business relationships, and what better place to negotiate and agree on the finer points of a business contract than aboard a luxury vessel dripping in elegance and comfort.

mega yachts

Getting down to business on board

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, the ability for billionaire boat owners to take to the seas to self-isolate and ride out the pandemic onboard their luxury mega yachts is very enviable.

Many of the largest and best-known mega-yachts are already kitted out with state-of-the-art business suites and media technology that makes working from a yacht a breeze!

For a wealthy industrialist or media mogul, having a fully-equipped mobile office on board your mega yacht may have been one of the first and most important requirements on your list when your mega-yacht was still in concept mode.

For business to be done onboard your ship the cloud is your best friend, and unless you choose to moor up in a convenient marina, there is little point in printing off paperwork as no courier is going to be able to reach you while you are miles out at sea.

Business can still get done even when your mega yacht is in complete seclusion from the world thanks to the development of many cloud-based apps such as Evernote, Dropbox and Slack.

Mega-yacht stabilisation systems

mega yachts

Thanks to the amazing technology of mega yacht stabilisation systems, there is no need for billionaire business owners to go out of their way to buy extra-touch laptops or waterproof electronic gadgets.

No matter where your mega-yacht destination, the stabilisation technology will allow your yacht to feel like it is calmly moored in still waters while you concentrate on your work or hold a conference call.

There is also no need to worry about your laptop or tablet battery life as mega-yachts are powered by very sophisticated energy systems that will effectively keep the lights on 24-7. Many newer yachts include energy capture and conversion systems such as solar roof panels that help to keep onboard battery storage topped up.

And of course, with electronic signatures, there is no need to fly back to land to sign on the dotted line to seal a deal. E-signatures allow business contracts to be signed from anywhere with an internet connection.

One can only imagine what multi-million-pound business deals were struck aboard many of the most famous mega-yachts in the world. When you think that Steve Jobs had Venus at his disposal, Roman Abramovich has the Eclipse ready and waiting to wine, dine and entertain his business associates, and Paul Allen has the Octopus to amaze his guests, it is no wonder that so many eager business people have been keen to jump on board, both on their yachts and in business!

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