Remote Cruising is a Breeze Aboard the New Heesen’s 187-Foot Expedition Yacht Concept

Dated: November 10, 2020
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The desire for remote cruising in splendid isolation is the desire for many of the billionaire boat owners. With this in mind, meet the Xventure, a new yacht that is designed to roam the world from Antarctica to the South Pacific with great ease.

At first glance, the Heesen XVenture explorer yacht looks exactly how you expect an ice-class hull explorer yacht to look like. It has the classic helicopter pad, an onboard submarine and a strong, robust external appearance.

However, despite being a rugged explorer vessel, this model sports an interior filled with so much glass that you can see everything outdoors, indoors!

Heesen revealed the design drawings for the Xventure in November 2019, their first-ever remote cruising yacht. It was quite ironic that the company drew up the designs for their first-ever explorer vessel just months before the Covid-19 pandemic.

With wealthy families now wanting to retreat  to a remote place where they can enjoy family time together, the 187-foot Xventure yacht is able to facilitate that.

A look at what’s onboard

There is a huge amount of features packed onto the Xventure to keep the whole family entertained. The interior of the yacht has been designed to feel open and breezy with a very roomy feel to the onboard accommodation.

The upper salon sits on the sun deck and three sides of the salon are floor-to-ceiling glass, which really helps to bring the outdoors inside. With port and starboard sliding doors that have been designed to be as large as possible to fit into the available space, you certainly don’t feel hemmed in onboard this yacht!


With a massive skylight overhead, guests have panoramic views of starlit night skies that make you feel like you are floating in space. Even the forward bulkhead is nearly completely glazed so you can look directly out onto the sun deck pool.

The concept design was to create a vessel that really connects with the landscape, so having as much interior glass as possible allows the owners to explore their surroundings while remaining in great air-conditioned comfort indoors.

The Xventure yacht holds a helicopter pad and has a submarine and a large Intrepid sport fisherman tender in the garage.


Designed without an owner in mind

Rather than being commissioned by an owner with their own set of wants and needs to be met, the Xventure yacht was designed without any particular owner in mind. Every interior element was designed to push the limits of what could be achieved when given free-reign to do so.

The main saloon offers comfortable and stylish seating for up to 12 guests, but it’s the spectacular views afforded from the salon that is the big draw for a mega yacht buyer.

Maximising the views in the master suite was also the main focus of the centrally positioned bed. Interestingly, the owners can also enjoy the views from the en suite bathroom too!

Exploring the environment

It is quite unique to have an Intrepid sport fisherman tender onboard a superyacht, especially one of this size. There is also a second beachlander tender to help the owners to get ashore under difficult sea conditions. With space for an optional submersible, there are no limits to exploring the environment away from the luxury yacht, should you fancy it!

Built with a fuel and cost-efficient design, the Xventure also ticks the box for owners wanting to explore further without the need to refuel so often. The ice-class concept uses a hybrid propulsion system and a Fast Displacement Hull Form designed by Van Oossanen.

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