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SILENT-YACHTS presents ‘floating villa’ resort concept powered by solar energy

Dated: September 17, 2020
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Combining the luxuriousness of a private villa with the adventurous spirit of a catamaran, SILENT-YACHTS unveils their alternative to traditional vacation resortsWith this concept guests can stay on board spacious catamarans, which run completely on solar energy. Each catamaran serves as a ‘floating villa’ that contains four suites with private bathrooms and large saloons with a chef’s kitchen, a terrace, a sundeck and other amenities. 


To develop the project, the austrian yacht producer has teamed up with victor barrett from truedesign ltd. To establish a new company, SILENT-RESORTS, who aim to provide a ‘truly sustainable, fully reversible, island and beach property resort development.’ Envisioned for locations worldwide, the company is offering a flexible and pre-engineered solution that includes the docking area with several solar electric catamarans by SILENT-YACHTS, and other accompanying infrastructure. 

‘The new project is aligned with our strategy to deliver sustainable, completely silent, fossil-free leisure experiences to clients’, said michael köhler, SILENT-YACHTS founder and CEO. ‘And it is beneficial for the building process. No costly remote site construction, lengthy approvals, complex engineering, or land-based invasive infrastructure development needed anymore. We provide a floating luxury adventure resort, an experience like no other.’


Guests can customize their experience and choose from SILENT-YACHTS’ range of solar electric catamarans: from the 18-meter long SILENT 60 to the 24-meter SILENT 80. The project also includes the design of the arrivals dock and reception, restaurant, pool, clubhouse, gym and spa, beachfront tented and hardwood timber suites – all at the water’s edge. the SILENT-RESORTS experience intends to offers a unique opportunity where guests can ‘live fully’ in the world’s most beautiful and pristine places, ‘tread lightly’ upon the environment, and ‘stay silently’ with nature.

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