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Superyacht Builders Feadship Attack the Luxury Yacht Market with the Predator

Dated: September 10, 2020
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The Feadship shipyard has a long history of being at the forefront of innovation, and this is so very evident with their megayacht, Predator. The world-renowned superyacht builders have managed to combine a clever and very elegant balance of luxury with killer speed and performance.

Weighing in at 238 ft 10 in. (72.8 m) in length. The Predator ticks all the boxes needed to be classed as a luxury yacht, with bags of elbow room onboard for guests and some of the most luxuriously prepared interiors you could ever see or expect from this class of vessel.

However, where the Predator differs greatly from her contemporaries is the fact she is the first build of a new range of luxury vessels for Feadship with an axe-bow design, like the Aqueous, but is extremely fast and quiet, making her stand apart from the other luxury yachts in the superyacht builders portfolio.

Peeking below the surface

The Predator has a steel hull, which creates the whole basis of the yacht. Her aluminium superstructure adds an element of strength and durability to the mix but also means the boat is very well weight-balanced in the water.

The ship’s propulsion comes from four MTU 5793 hp engines that can reach a cruising speed of 20 knots and a maximum speed of 28 knots, adding credence to the vessels formidable name.

Predator is a good name for the vessel and you can appreciate why when you see her cut through the water with her axe-like hull like a hot knife through butter. Her sleek lines and stable movement through the water gives her passengers a super-smooth ride that is almost stealthy in action, like a predator stalking its prey.

Well-appointed exterior

While the Predator holds on to the classic yachting black and white theme, she does sport a red keel that is very eye-catching as you follow its wake. Feadship commissioned Studi de Voogt to work on the exterior and the vessel does create a commanding presence while at anchor.

Step inside the luxury accommodation and you feel like you are entering a completely different world when compared to the vessels killer exterior. There is a distinct contrast inside that has been designed and created by Bannenberg Designs (now Bannenberg & Rowell Designs).

While boarding the ship can give you the impression that you are entering a high-tech, almost clinically cold creation that would sit perfectly in a James Bond blockbuster film, what hits you first is the sheer size of the interior space.

You get the feeling that you are entering a high-class resort hotel with plenty of elbow room and space to stretch out and lounge about. However, the superyacht builders created a very exclusive yacht, with only one master cabin and two guest rooms on board.

Luxury interiors

The interiors of the vessel are pure opulence from floor to ceiling. There is a nice balance of natural wood that helps to smooth and soften the hard metal surfaces seen from outside. Wood choices include teak, rose, mahogany and bamboo.

The interior designers have complimented the furnishings with the natural wood elements with cool, pastel tones. The furnishings feature an elegant and rich mixture of satins, leathers and cool cotton.

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Elegant marble-finished his and hers bathrooms add the finishing touches to an interior design that has been so well thought out to deliver the height of luxury for her exclusive guests.

Built for entertainment

Rather than being designed to comfortably haul a large number of party guests from shore to shore, the Predator is set up for pure entertainment purposes while out at sea. There is room to house a crew of 18 to take care of your every need, so those privileged guests that manage to get on board are guaranteed to be in for a treat!

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There are indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and a top-deck jacuzzi allowing guests a magnificent view of their surroundings. There is also plenty to keep you entertained hidden within the tender and toy storage on board, as well  the customary helipad.

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