Superyacht Flamingo 99 Aims to Be Largest Eco-friendly Wonder

Dated: March 4, 2021
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Superyacht Flamingo 99 is what some class as a super sailing yacht – yes there is such a thing! Igor Jankovic of Novi Sad, Serbia is the mind behind this eco-friendly wonder. You may have seen his work before if you are familiar with the Grafito sailing yacht, which was focused mainly on technology whereas the Flamingo is all about being eco-friendly AND luxurious.

Superyacht Flamingo 99

You may have already guessed, but the superyacht Flamingo 99 is a length of 99m. The super sailing yacht showcases a number of eco-friendly features, with the aim to cut emissions down to almost zero! However, we all know superyachts need to also showcase luxury, and so the Flamingo 99 hosts an array of comfort features around the ship too.

The hull design resembles that of others, only it is bigger. Three main points where masts can be exposed to the winds are seen. This is used as the main driving force of moving the superyacht. However, sometimes winds this strong aren’t present on the sea, so there is a diesal or electric engine as a back up option for this eventuality.

Superyacht Flamingo 99

Solar energy is another unique aspect of the superyacht Flamingo 99. Upon the huge roof area, there is a space with opportunity to mount solar panels for power regeneration. If any yacht, concept or real, had this large a solar capturing surface, it ought to be enough to exclude the combustion engines altogether.

This concept also reveals some luxurious interiors. At the base of the towering masts on the ship, there are three circular spaces. The first of these areas is found at the bow of the ship and is home to the owners loft, sitting front and center as to have a clear view of where the journey leads.

Sitting under the central mast, the second room leads to a observation and lounge area. In this room, panoramic windows give guests a full 360-degree view of the seas. Granite and marble flooring set a perfect backdrop for leather furniture and soft lighting overhead.

The third and final mast base follows a similar structure to the others, however, this space no longer includes walls, considered to be more of an external space. A large semicircle sofa frames the outer edge of this area, almost offering a view of the stars above. The upper portion acts as a roof over your guests and protects them from the elements.

Superyacht Flamingo 99

Like most other superyachts, aft the ship you will find the beach club. This is revealed through the moveable hull segment. This space also acts as a tender and toy garage and offers plenty of room to set up lounging options.

The main deck of the superyacht Flamingo 99 is where the magic happens. Aside from the interior saltwater pool, which is pretty redundant considering you have access to the largest saltwater pool in the world, you’ll also find a gym equipped with cardio and strength training equipment, and even a library section. An entertainment center, relaxation salon equipped with massage chairs and someone to give you a pedi, are also hidden somewhere in this massive space, not to mention countless other lounge and social areas.

Superyacht Flamingo 99

With the way things are heading in the yachting industry, these eco-friendly trends are being found on some real ships already, not just concepts. It’s only a matter of time before you see such a large eco-friendly superyacht such as the Flamingo 99 out on the waters.

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