Superyacht W Undergoes a 2020 Upgrade

Dated: September 1, 2020
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With a price tag of over $50 million, the W Superyacht has had a major makeover this year. So, what has changed aboard the W, formerly known as the Larisa?

The Netherlands most famous shipbuilder, Feadship, originally launched and christened a yacht in 2013, calling it Larisa, but now the superyacht is simply known as W.

While the mostly white and black glass exterior that helps to provide guests with the ultimate in privacy remains unchanged, it’s what’s on the inside well hidden from view that is the real eye-opener with this yachts makeover.

There is no denying that the sharp mix of classic and contemporary external elements gives a head-turning look to the 189 ft (57.6 m) hull while out on the water, but the interior of the vessel has had a major overhaul this year.

The hidden gem onboard is the interiors that have had a major upgrade from Bannenberg & Rowell Design, a group of talented super-yacht designers from the UK. The original vessel was able to accommodate up to eight guests on board, but the 2020 makeover has seen extensive reworking of the available space.

No expense spared

While not being the biggest superyacht floating around the high seas, the W can compete with the best when it comes to all the luxuries a super-yacht may offer its owner and guests. 

Now able to accommodate up to 12 guests from its original eight, the two extra guest rooms means the superyacht can now hold 26 people on board, including crew members. The remodelling was done by using the original VIP stateroom and dividing it into two evenly sized guest suites, decked out with luxuriously designed interiors.

Because of the increase of people accommodated on board, the owner also requested the addition of a larger jacuzzi model for his guests on the sundeck. While most of the original interior has survived the makeover, more personalised touches have been added by the owner.

Other modifications on board

When the superyacht was built back in 2013, the lighting and instrumentation on the navigations deck were fine for the time but felt out of place with the planned makeover. The old halogen lighting has been replaced with modern LED lighting, and the instrument panel and navigational displays have all been updated.

While the two MTU engines she is fitted with that can give her a 15.5-knot cruising speed have not been replaced, they have had thorough maintenance carried out. The engines are virtually indestructible, so it made no sense to replace them.

Despite the superyacht undergoing such an extensive overhaul that required two separate Feadship facilities to complete, the owners agree that the time, money and effort spent on her were well worth it.

Comfort and functionality

Now that the makeover has been completed, the W’s stylish new interior offers her guests an unmatched level of comfort, tasteful style and sleek functionality.

The superyacht has been carefully arranged for guests to enjoy a mixture of relaxation and entertainment. There are ample spaces that allow social time, but also areas that offer privacy when needed.

The wood finishings throughout the yacht use mahogany and Sapele to give a warm feeling that perfectly matches with the sumptuous leather and fabric furnishings in cool earth tones.

Guests can enjoy the W’s walk-around decks that include a vast sundeck and a large shaded dining table for shared alfresco dinners with other guests. There is also a large Jacuzzi, a wet bar and plenty of loungers to relax on while taking in the sights.

There are even wind doors installed to let guests enjoy the deck space no matter the weather.

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