The Appeal of Chartering Luxury Yachts

Dated: January 6, 2020
Category: Billionaire Boats

Chartering luxury yachts for holidays on the high-seas seems like a very appealing idea, but luxury by its definition has to be choosing a yacht from the very top end of the market.

However, what one person may classify as a luxury yacht may not be the same as another. For example, someone owning one of the biggest yachts  may consider their yacht the height of luxury due to the fact of its sheer size.

Alternatively, an owner of a sixty feet yacht may consider their boat more luxurious because of what it contains rather than its relative size. If a yacht contains everything that you could possibly need to provide for an amazing holiday on the high seas, then this may be more your sort of idea about what luxury yachts should be.

 The history of luxury yachts

 Luxury yachts began their history as iconic symbols of desirability just after the First World War. It was at this time when more wealthy and influential people could see the advantages of owning a large luxury yacht.

 At a time of great austerity and poverty for many across the world following the war, the esteem and gravitas that owning such a vessel could give their owners was notable.

 One of the earliest examples of a prestigious luxury yacht was the Savarona. This very well-appointed yacht was launched in 1931, and was known to be the largest yacht launched in the world at that time, but was eventually acquired by the Turkish Government for private use.

 Following the Second World War, another famous luxury yacht called the Christina O made the headlines when it was converted from a Canadian WWII frigate. Originally owned by billionaire Greek shipowner, Aristotle Onassis, the yacht was named after his daughter Christina.

 An early sporting history

Many early luxury yachts were used for competing in sailing competitions, such as the world-famous  Americas Cup sailing competition. Mostly owned by very wealthy people and shipping magnets, only a few J class luxury racing yachts were built, one of the most famous being the Shamrock, owned by tea magnate Sir Thomas Lipton.

From these early beginnings, what we know now to be more luxurious yachts for more sedate paced cruising evolved to dominate the seas and corner the market in high-end luxury yacht charters.

 An increase in luxury yacht chartering

 More recently, over the past thirty years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of larger-sized luxury yacht charters being booked by wealthy holidaymakers. The number of luxury yachts being built is also remaining steady due to demand from rich owners such as oil sheikhs and modern tech company billionaires.

No matter how appealing the thought of chartering a luxury yacht may be, to be able to do this comfortably you would need to able to fork out some big money! If you want luxury, then you need to be able to pay for it.

 When you think about it, a luxury yacht charter is a little like booking a whole hotel just to yourself, along with the hiring of the crew to navigate you around the routes and the staff you need to cater for your every need.

 The idea of chartering luxury yachts for most people may be a once in a lifetime event for a very special occasion, such as a wedding and honeymoon all in one. In fact, there has been a sharp increase in the numbers of more affordable yacht charters for such important occasions, and even though many people will only be able to stretch to a more basic model of yacht, they can hire in special services for the wedding for a bit of extra pampering while aboard their dream vessel.

We can all dream about being a guest on a luxury yacht, but if you want to take in some of these spectacular vessels, then keep an eye on our events page to see what up and coming yachting events are on the horizon that you can visit.

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