The Luxury Yachts of Turkey

Dated: October 30, 2019
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Luxury Yachts of Turkey: Turkey is an ancient cultural capital which has been the link between Europe and Asia for thousands of years. Some parts of Turkey are in Europe and some are in Asia. This has made Turkey a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and civilization itself. Turkey also touches many seas like the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea making it a great place for those interested in water sports.

Yachting, in particular, is very popular in Turkey. You can visit a number of magical places and locations via yacht from Turkey. This has created a robust yacht manufacturing industry in Turkey. Some of the world’s best luxury yachts were made right in Turkey. Here is a guide to some of the best luxury yachts in Turkey.

1. Dream

The Dream was first launched by Turkish shipyard Halic Tersaneleri in 1997. It is a super sized luxury yacht which measures 106m. It has 23 cabins which can house 46 passengers which makes it perfect for company or family retreats.

It was partially worked on in Greece too thus many elements of Greek décor are found in it. The main theme is a nautical one in its many rooms.

2. Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon is a sailing super yacht which was built and completed in Turkey in 2006. Perini Navi and Dijkstra & Partners were the main designers for the Maltese Falcon.

At 88m, it is one of the largest sailing yachts in the world. It comes with all the luxuries and amenities of a super yacht. It houses 12 passengers who are serviced by a 16 member crew.

3. Elements

The Elements was built by the Turkish yard, Yachtley in 2013. It is an 80m super yacht which is a throwback to the décor and styling of old.

Unlike many other modern luxury yachts, it has a more classical look and feel. This is to present the 24 passengers it can house a more traditional and classy experience of going to sea.

4. Bilgin Hull 263-II

The Bilgin Hull 263-II is one of the most ambitious luxury projects in Turkey. It is being developed by Bilgin Yachts as the second iteration in its Bilgin 263 series. Yacht enthusiasts reading this should be no strangers to the prowess and quality of the Bilgin series. It is targeted for launch in the final quarter of 2019.

It is an ambitious vessel that will ideally serve all the way from Sicily to China in the East.

5. Go

The Go by Turquoise Yachts is a 77m long beauty. This was the biggest luxury yacht built by the group upon her launch in 2018. This was a very important project for the Turquoise group. The entire lower body and hull of the Go is a brilliant turquoise to reflect the pristine waters of the Mediterranean and the name of its maker. It primarily serves the various locations of the Mediterranean.


This is a very small glimpse at the luxury yachts in Turkey. Turkey can be considered the main manufacturing hub of Yachts in the Mediterranean. There are many others which this article couldn’t cover and which you can charter for your dream yacht vacation.

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