The Octopus, Mega-yacht of Rich & Famous, Up For Sale

Dated: June 22, 2020
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The 414-foot £263m mega-yacht ‘Octopus’ formerly owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and frequently used by George Lucas and Bill Gates, is now up for sale!

Currently docked off the coast in Malaga, the Octopus is scheduled to be anchored here for at least the next month if any mega-yacht fans want to go and have a peek at what you can get for a cool £263m.

The Octopus has been well maintained throughout its lifetime and has undergone extensive maintenance every five years with its most recent refit conducted in 2019. The mega-yacht is built to carry 26 passengers in the lap of luxury in 13 well-appointed cabins, along with a 60-person crew to take care of your every need.

Weighing in at 9,932 tonnes, the hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system gives her a maximum speed of 19kn and a transoceanic range of approximately 12,500nm at a speed of 12.5kn.

As well as space for all its guests and crew, the vessel has enough room to store two helicopters in the garage as well as a submarine that accommodates eight guests and two crew!


A mega-yacht built for entertaining

The mega-yacht has several amazing features, such as two heliports, eight decks that include a dedicated owner’s deck, an entertainment deck with a gym, spa, cinema, basketball court, bridge deck with a pool and pizza oven, a beach deck with bar, an observation lounge and a nightclub.

The owner’s deck is for their own exclusive use and includes a private bar, jacuzzi and al fresco dining area. Closed off from the other decks, this private space gives the owner a high level of security and privacy.

While there are two lifts aboard, one is for guests to use while the other is dedicated to the exclusive use of the owner, allowing them access to all areas of the vessel.

The mega-yacht also features an amazing glass-bottomed lounge so you can sit and observe all the sea-life beneath your feet,  it also has a swimming pool, hot tub and library, as well as storage for seven boats, a life raft, two submersibles and a large SUV should you fancy taking a boat out.

It also has a dive centre and hyperbaric chamber if you want to go and explore anything you spy underwater from the glass-bottomed lounge.


Famous passengers

The Octopus has had a number of notable guests aside from Bill Gates and George Lucas. The mega-yacht also has a recording studio on-board that was used by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones!

 Apparently, Mick Jagger recorded part of the album SuperHeavy in 2011, along with Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, AR Rahman, and Damian Marley.

Paul Allen would regularly host parties on board the Octopus where a guest-list of the worlds rich and famous could go to let their hair down away from the flash of the paparazzi cameras. Famous people spotted on-board include actor Damian Lewis and rock band U2. The Octopus has been on the market since 2018 following Paul Allen’s death.

Reportedly said to cost £13.4m a year to operate, you would need some deep pockets and a fat wallet or purse to afford to keep this boat afloat. However, the bragging rights would be amazing knowing that you owned the worlds largest explorer yacht measuring 126.2m.

Currently, there is only one vessel bigger than the Octopus, that being the Solaris, due for launch later this year that measures 138.96m.

The mega-yacht has been on sale with the company Fraser Yachts since Paul Allen’s death in October 2018 at the age of 65.

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