The superyacht that thinks it’s an airplane

Dated: January 29, 2020
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The world of superyachts meets the world of aviation with this “one-of-a-kind” vessel that expertly merges aerial and nautical models. The superyacht Airplane.

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Italian shipyard Codecasa recently unveiled plans for a new 230-foot concept superyacht which looks like a floating airplane.

Designed by the owner of Codecasa, the “Codecasa Jet 2020”¬†appears to be shaped like an aircraft and mimics many features of a jet plane. This has produced a huge superyacht with an airplane-style bow and rounded windows that both resemble those on an aircraft. The forward section even looks like a cockpit.

A new style of superyacht

Codecasa says that they are looking to “set a new trend in the industry”. The vessel will feature a huge sundeck, a swimming pool, a skylounge, a gymnasium and a beach club with its own lift!

It will hold radar antennae installed inside carbon fiber domes ” and there’s also an onboard helipad, which they plan will be large enough to accommodate medium to large sized helicopters. In addition to this, there will be a pilothouse and a captain’s cabin.

Once delivered, the Codecasa shipyard hope it will become their flagship yacht. While its technical specifications and price are unconfirmed at this time, the building process is likely to begin later this year. Watch this space for updates!

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