Ultimate Quarantine: Oil Billionaire Builds World Largest Superyacht

Dated: April 29, 2020
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The Ultimate Quarantine: This Oil Billionaire Is Building The World’s Largest Superyacht – And Claims It Will Help Save The Oceans

World Largest Superyacht: Kjell Inge Rokke amassed a $1.7 billion fortune by stripping the seas of oil and fish. Now he says he wants to clean up the mess. Meet the biggest contradiction on water.

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When a multi billionaire wants to give back what he took from the planet, how does he do it?

According to Kjell Inge Rokke, the plan is simple: Rokke, will let scientists use the world largest superyacht FOR FREE.

Why? Rokke plans to allow his new superyacht, which is yet to be fitted out, to be made available to scientists to plot oceanic garbage patches, assess fish stocks and test water acidity levels. When they aren’t onboard, he plans to use it himself for pleasure, or to charter it to the world’s rich, famous and glamorous, and then to donate the proceeds to conservation projects. “I see myself spending two months of the year on the boat,” says its owner, the Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Rokke. 

The Superyacht, REV Ocean is on one hand the largest super­yacht in the world, and at a cost of about $350 million, it could be considered to be self indulgent, On the other hand Rokke prefers to call REV Ocean a research vessel. As she currently sits off the coast of Bratt­vaag, Norway, just a few hundred miles below the Arctic Circle, in a very unfinished state, it is hard to tell what this shell will eventually be. What we do know for certain is that currently, she is the world’s largest superyacht in the making.

Each detail of the vessel requires his sign-off, and so we already know what is likely to be featured. These include a submarine, helipads, three swimming pools and hot tubs. However, also onboard are eight laboratories and a remotely operated vehicle that can descend to a depth of 19,000 feet, which means the vessel does have those research facilities Rokke was aiming for.

I guess we simply have to watch this space.

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