UK Superyacht Builders Sunseeker Launches New Models

Dated: March 2, 2021
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Sunseeker, Dorset-based superyacht builders, unveiled five new models to stimulate sales and to look forward to life on the open seas in a post-pandemic world.

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The superyacht builders Sunseeker company have always believed in investing in new yacht model development and despite the pandemic, this has continued throughout 2020 and beyond with plans to speed up their new model launch programme.

The superyacht builders planned to release five new models in the first quarter of 2021, with more models to be released throughout the year to keep buyers interested and in anticipation of what’s to come next!

While operations at Sunseeker’s was closed down for around 3 months during 2020 due to the pandemic, a loan from Sunseeker’s parent company, Dalian Wanda, provided the superyacht builders with  £35million in working capital last summer to help restart operations.

Launch of  Sunseeker’s new 65 Sport Yacht

Powered exclusively by Volvo Penta IPS, the superyacht builders and designers of the new sports yacht chose a power system following exhaustive testing utilising computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The brand-new hull design was created solely to be powered by IPS, which helps to maximise performance while minimising consumption.

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The twin 12.8-litre, inline six-cylinder, dual-stage turbocharged engines deliver impressive speeds once out in open waters. But if you fancy a bit of a potter around while taking in the scenery, the 65 sports yacht comfortably cruises along at a steady 10 knots.

The new sports yacht delivers a very comfortable ride with the Volvo Penta IPS reducing vibration and engine noise by around 50 per cent compared to more noisy inboard shaft systems.

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A long history of innovation

Superyacht builders Sunseeker brand has been around since the end of the 1960s when two brothers, Robert and John Braithwaite, wanted to build a brand new type of boat that hadn’t been seen before.

The brothers worked together from their base in the English seaside town of Poole and devised a plan to build a boat using new materials and technologies that they could adapt to fit with their customer’s desires.

The brothers had worked together throughout the 1960s at Friar’s Cliff Marine, which was a company that sold yachts made by American superyacht builders Owens Cruisers Incorporated. Later the Friar’s Cliff Marine company moved its base to Poole and became Poole Powerboats.

After superyacht builders Owens Cruisers decided to stop distributing their yachts in Europe and closed down their UK operations, the Braithwaite brothers decided to take this as an opportunity to start their own company and instead of selling other superyacht builders yachts, they would design and sell their own boats.

Finding their niche as superyacht builders

Using new materials such as glass-reinforced plastic, their first boats as superyacht builders were small open-cockpit speedboats. In just 3 short years they started exhibiting at the London Boat Show with a range that grew to include ever-larger models.

A chance meeting with Formula One driver Henry Taylor led the company to design a boat that would accommodate a full-width sunbed, something no-one had ever done before. This was an early example of the superyacht builders Sunseeker company building custom-designed craft to deliver exactly what their customer wants.

Since then an impressive range of Sunseeker models have carried the superyacht builders company name and since the early 1970s, the company has grown by designing and creating craft that was more creative and ambitious than the last.

Today, superyacht builders Sunseeker International has a network of over 80 retail and service locations across the world, exporting over 140 boats a year to more than 45 countries. With its team of over  2,000 highly skilled designers, engineers and master craftsmen, the core desire of the Braithwaite brothers still remains – to create a boat that would surpass anything made before.

You can keep up to date with other superyacht builders and their latest models by regularly visiting our blog.

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