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Best Yacht Ports You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer – 2nd May 2021

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Heesens New Superyacht Looks Incredible Inside and Out – 26th Mar 2021

Heesen has established itself as an industry leader since Frans Heesen took charge of things in 1978, and has since then gone on to amount to amazing things. This week we’re taking a closer look at what makes one of their latest builds so unique.

How She of the Sea is Closing The Gap in the Yachting Industry – 19th Mar 2021

In light of last week’s International Women’s day, we thought we’d use this opportunity to celebrate and honor all the hard-working women within the yachting industry, by highlight some of the results of their efforts.

Qatar International Boat Show 2021 – 5th March 2021

As the Qatar International Boat Show 2021 is around the corner (we hope), we thought it’d be a good time to summarize some of the features that make this show a unique and attractive opportunity for yacht owners, shipyards, and boat-lovers alike.

Top 4 Yacht Travel Destinations to Explore this Spring – 14th Feb 2021

As the spring comes closer, we decided to take a look at some of the most beautiful and worthy locations to visit this season.

How Imperial Yachts is Setting New Standards for the Superyacht Industry – 5th Feb 2021

Diving into how one of the frontrunners of the yachting industry has dealt with the pandemic, and how they’re currently establishing themselves as one of, if not the, biggest player of the yachting world.

Fraser’s U Boat Navigator – A New Diving Experience – 22nd Jan 2021

Take a sneak peek at Fraser Yachts’ new diving experience through one of their latest refits, the U Boat Navigator.

Top 3 Superyacht Shows to Look Forward to in March – 15th Jan 2021

This week, we’re diving into the exciting Yacht Shows that are waiting around the corner (fingers crossed)! Follow us as we taking a quick peek into what each of these 3 shows has to offer.

Top 3 Yacht Builds to Look Forward to in 2021 – 8th Jan 2021

2020 might have felt like one of the longest years in a long time, but 2021 is here, so we decided to keep up the breeze of positivity by looking at the most exciting builds of 2021!

Top 5 charter yachts of 2020 – 10th December 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, our team at MYF has made our very own list of the top 5 charter yachts of 2020.

Yacht of the Week – Diamond 145 – 4 December 2020

This week’s ‘Yacht of The Week’ goes to the majestic DIAMOND 145!

How Bering Yachts is Striving during 2020 – 4th December 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s been a whirlwind of a year for both the superyacht industry and the world at large.

Top 3 Superyacht Destinations to Explore This Winter – 27th November 2020

Check out our top 3 yacht charter destinations for this winter season!

A Safer Way to Board Yachts – 14th November 2020

Mega Yachts Fan brings you the most noticable features within the yachting industry.

The Rise of Solar Powered Yachts – 29th October 2020

An intro to our featured article on the rise of solar-powered yachts, with one company currently ahead of the pack.

The Worlds Most Sustainable Superyachts – 27th September 2020

A short intro to our article on some of the world’s most sustainable superyachts.

What the Future Holds for Luxury Superyacht Designs – 17th September 2020

In this short piece, we’re honing in on what the future holds for luxury superyacht design.

Exploring the Mega Yacht LANA – 8th September 2020

A short exploration of the magnificent mega yacht LANA, built by Benetti and delivered in 2020.

Cars Of Monaco July 2020

Mega Yachts Fan in Monaco

Monaco July 2020

Feadship Mega Trio

Monaco July 2020

Mega Yachts Fan in Monaco

Barcelona 2020

Mega Yachts Fan in Barcelona


Bold: Mega Yachts Fan on board!


MYF at the Miami Yacht Show: Day 2


Miami Yacht Show 2020

MYF at The Miami Yacht Show: Day 1


It’s not just the rally cars that turned up!

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