What Happens If You Fall Ill On A Superyacht?

Dated: March 27, 2020
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Ill on a superyacht? Considering the current crisis the world is now facing as we battle against COVID-19, health and safety issues may be at the forefront of your mind. And, that trend may ring true for your views on superyachts.

However, the good news is that with the right equipment, approach and knowledge, your safety on a superyacht is assured.

Today we’re exploring how superyachts have your safety in mind and what you can do as well to stay best prepared.

What Medical Facilities Do Superyachts Offer?

Comprehensive Medical Kits

As per regulations, superyachts are equipped with comprehensive medical kits that can attend to a variety of health concerns and needs. From oxygen tanks to defibrillators, these medical kits are sure to help. 

On-Board Support with Medically Trained Staff

With experienced and knowledgeable staff on board, it’s likely that your every medical need can be attended to.

Plus, superyacht crews have first hand experience about what to do in an emergency situation, what strategies are most effective and how to best help. That way, you can feel light and easy by knowing that you’re in trusted hands.

Medical Evacuation

If you are ill on a superyacht, and an emergency situation presents itself, a helicopter can be called and will take you to the closest hospital. It’s helpful to know that reaching a hospital is only a phone call away if necessary.

What Can You Do To Stay Prepared?

See A Doctor Prior To Travel

Before embarking on a superyacht adventure, as is common with any type of travel, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor or a trusted medical professional. It’s worthwhile having a general health check-up to ensure you’re fit to travel.

Stay Informed and In-The-Loop

By remaining informed about the medical facilities that are on board your specific superyacht, you’ll feel far more assured and secure in knowing what matters most.

Plus, don’t be shy to ask questions to those in the know if you’re ever worried. Staying in the loop is as simple as having a chat with an expert before you embark so that you have peace of mind throughout the entire duration of your superyacht chartering.

The Verdict

At a time when we’re thinking about our health and wellbeing more than ever, it’s worth knowing that your safety and security aboard superyachts is completely assured. With all-inclusive medical kits, medically-trained staff and much more, superyachts have prepared everything for you, long before you embark!

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