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What the Future Holds for Luxury Superyacht Designs

Dated: August 3, 2020
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There is no doubt that the evolving superyacht market has a positive future ahead, but what exactly do future superyacht buyers want to see from their new innovative designs? 

Well, what we are clearly seeing right now is a greater demand for larger, sexier, more adventurous – yet greener superyachts for today’s more discerning buyers.


Superyacht buyers are becoming more environmentally conscious with their purchases and want to reduce their environmental impact wherever possible. This has led to a lot of new research from superyacht designers focusing on designs using lighter construction materials, streamlined hull designs, and using a combination of hybrid propulsion and solar panels for better energy-efficiency.

Catamaran design concepts

A new generation of superyacht vessels are emerging using catamaran designs for improved speed, but also giving better access to shallow harbours that would otherwise be closed to traditional large motor yachts. 

Manifesto Catamaran Superyacht | Yacht di lusso, Yacht, Barche

Yacht designer Stefano Pastrovich has built a concept 60-metre long catamaran in collaboration with smart technologies firm Wärtsilä. This new design is for a luxury vessel that can hold 36 guests and will serve the charter and luxury hotel sectors.

The design concept places efficiency, sustainability and environmental performance at the forefront of the design, yet the onboard comfort of the passengers hasn’t been overlooked either with the bringing together of an amazing team of architectural and marine technology. The onboard deluxe passenger suites are a leading feature of the Pastrovich designed interior.

A must-have sign of status

For the world’s richest billionaires, a superyacht may represent a status symbol, but it is also the perfect way to escape to the high seas and travel the world in the highest comfort possible. 

Superyachts have been around for a good 100 years, but their designs have become bigger, more extravagant, more costly and more adventurous. Despite wanting to have a superyacht as a status symbol or demonstration of their wealth, owners now want to show that they are also mindful of the environment and demand eco-friendly designs with a high level of fuel-efficiency as well as performance. 

Superyachts such as Oceanco’s 109-meter Project Bravo, that was launched in November 2018, utilise their innovative LIFE ( Lengthened, Innovative, Fuel-efficient, Eco-friendly) design. It is this type of new superyacht design that is highly in favour of buyers these days.

We are sure that this level of design delivery will become the standard for the next generation of elite superyachts that will continue to exceed the 100-meter mark.

Superyachts are getting bigger and bigger


There is little doubt in the minds of the leading shipbuilders around the world that the demand for even larger craft will continue to be a trend. It wasn’t that long ago when 40-meter yachts were considered modest, but now 60-meter yachts are seen as small by today’s standards. 

The rise in demand for larger yachts has gone hand-in-hand with the increased numbers of world billionaires. As Project Bravo has served to demonstrate, superyachts are getting bigger and bigger.

One factor that will highly influence the future of superyacht designs is the fact that billionaires are also achieving their wealth at a younger age, mostly thanks to the booming tech industry. 

These younger billionaire superyacht owners want bigger vessels with more technical detail and unusual aspects that pose a real challenge to yacht designers, both for the structural architects as well as interior designers. 

So, what is on the horizon today?

The superyacht REV Ocean, which was initially launched on 22 August 2019 will be fitted out at other VARD shipyards and is scheduled to be delivered in 2021. Built to be an explorer-style superyacht capable of reaching far-flung corners like Alaska, the Northwest Passage and beyond, this is a design that moves away from the traditional wedding-cake white yacht with a spotless exterior. 


Being built by Norwegian company Vard, with a length of 182.6 meters, REV Ocean is the largest superyacht currently under construction.

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