Where do the Rich and Famous take their Mega Yachts?

Dated: January 21, 2020
Category: Billionaire Boats

We know that owning a mega yacht is for the rich and famous, but where do these wealthy owners take their mega yachts when they have finished partying out at sea? 

Where are their favourite spots to moor up to shake off their sea-legs and return to being land-lubbers, even briefly?

You can understand the appeal of owning a mega yacht when you are a celebrity. It can give you a chance to dodge the paparazzi, relax,let your guard down and truly be alone far away from the gaze of the media and press because you can isolate yourself, in the lap of luxury, somewhere in the middle of an ocean.

However, there are a few places around the world where you can safely moor up your mega yacht when you want to return your feet to dry land. You will want to go where you are happy to be seen and befits your reputation.

We know of a few very chic and expensive marinas where you will most likely find a nice collection of mega yachts to be in awe of. You may also spot a celebrity or two, so if you are planning a holiday and want to take in some spectacular yachts during your trip, then these are our favourite places we suggest you head to:

 Port de Saint-Tropez

A well-known celebrity hot-spot for nearly 70 years, Saint Tropez in the south of France is a magnet for the rich and famous, as well as their mega yachts!

mega yachts

This French Riviera town is dripping with famous celebrities, actors, models and rich jet-setters all year round. There is no doubt why this place is such a draw for those with money to spend, but mooring up your mega yacht can be a problem if it is too large to be accommodated in the marina.

If your vessel is over 70 metres, then you will be instructed to drop anchor outside of the port. However, for us mega yacht fans there will always be a few notable yachts to admire from a close distance.

 Marina di Capri

This Italian marina is the perfect mooring place when the rich and famous want to sample the delights offered by the island of Capri. Made famous during the 1950s by celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Sofia Loren and Clark Gable, this high-profile destination is still popular with today’s super-rich elite.

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Mega yachts commonly seen here are Rising Sun, with its wine cellar, spa, sauna, gym, swimming pool and basketball court that also doubles as a helicopter pad, and Pelorus (20th largest super yacht in the world). Both these yachts are owned by David Geffen and are often used by A-list celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Beyoncé and Jay Z.

Marina di Portofino

Once the home of a humble fishing village, Portofino was transformed into an exclusive marina, mainly because of the exclusive seclusion it offers to the marina users. There is only one road in and out, which usually remains closed to visitors, keeping the very pretty and quaint landscape in the area unspoiled.

mega yachts

A place that only the wealthiest could afford, the marina only holds 14 exclusive berths, which of course adds to the privacy of the marina, and therefore the yacht owners too!

 While it does make access difficult for super yacht fans to be able to go yacht-spotting, it can be worth keeping an eye out for the yacht comings and goings as well as a bit of celebrity spotting.

Famous faces seen here are numerous, but regularly include the likes of Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Steven Spielberg, who owns the yacht Seven Seas, and this is also a favourite spot for Andrey Mellnichenko, the Russian billionaire and owner of the 119 metre Philippe Starck-designed superyacht A.

With the super-rich jet-set spending their money on mega yachts to help them escape to the high-seas, it is worth keeping an eye on our Events page to find out where you may next get the chance to see some of the worlds finest yachts, along with their proud owners or their celebrity guests. 

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