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Which Boat Shows Exhibit the Best Luxury Yachts?

Dated: June 15, 2020
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For mega-yacht fans, nothing can beat the anticipation of getting up close and personal with some amazing luxury yachts. This is why the major worldwide boat shows are so popular with luxury yacht fans.

So, whether you plan to buy a ticket to attend one of the world’s leading boat shows or you time your overseas holidays to coincide with one of these major events, it helps to know ahead of time where you can go for a bit of high-end yacht-spotting.

The Cannes Yachting Festival

luxury yachts boat show

Firstly, how can we talk about international boat shows without mentioning the number one destination for any mega-yacht fans wanting to be surrounded in high-end luxury – the Cannes Yachting Festival!

This annual festival is held in the Le Vieux Port in the stunning French Riviera seaside town of Cannes, with easy access for visitors from Nice Airport. This very prestigious festival has been a hot-spot for celebrities and yacht enthusiasts alike for years, with an average of 700 boats on display of any size up to 180 feet long.

Cannes is a great festival to discover brand-new premier launches of very high-end vessels. The setting lends itself perfectly to the jet-set class with plenty of fine drinking and dining, spectacular beaches and sunny weather.

The Palm Beach International Boat Show

luxury yachts boat show

This is a must-see four-day event that is held every spring in South Florida. Annual boat shows have been held here for 35 years, and you can expect to see many luxury yachts ranging up to 300-foot superyachts.

You can walk around and feast your eyes on more than $1.2 billion worth of yachting real-estate, as well as have fun watching some of the latest water toys being demonstrated.

While there is a nice underlying level of excitement around the annual event, the boat show has cultivated a very relaxed and laid-back atmosphere over the years that lends itself nicely to this very indulgent high-end event.

The Singapore Yacht Show

luxury yachts boat show

A relative newcomer to the international boat show circuit, the Singapore Yacht Show was founded in 2011 but has already grown in size and prestige to become Asia’s most attractive high-end yachting exhibition.

This boat show is held every April at the very illustrious surroundings of the ONE°15 Marina Club. Being heavily backed by the Singapore Tourism Board, the yacht show positively drips with glamour and is a perfect reflection of the wealth of Singapore city. 

You can expect to see some of the world’s leading luxury yachting brands here, along with all the trappings associated with the luxury lifestyle that goes with it, such as super-cars, clothing and elite waterfront property vendors.

The Dubai International Boat Show

luxury yachts boat show

How could we complete our list of destination boat shows without mentioning the Dubai International Boat Show. With a backdrop of the Dubai high-rise cityscape, this is a pretty impressive event that attracts high-end yacht builders and those wealthy enough to buy their spectacular creations.

You will find the most illustrious brands of luxury yacht builders here each year from all over the world, making this boat show one of the most cosmopolitan events on the boat show calendar.

You can wander around and take in truly amazing vessels along with plenty of demonstration of the latest yacht toys available on the market.

If you fancy reading more about fantastic yacht shows and the latest updates from your favourite luxury yacht builders, then why not visit our blog on a regular basis. We will also keep you up to date with the latest information from the yachting world in our news section

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