Superyacht Builder Donates Over $2 Million To Overfishing Protection

Dated: June 8, 2020
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World Oceans Day Update Superyacht Builder Donates Over $2 Million To Help Protect Ascension Islands From Overfishing

Overfishing Protection: Peter Lürssen’s family-owned shipyard doesn’t just build superyachts. The Lürssen shipyard in Germany builds the largest and most recognizable superyachts in the world including: the largest superyacht by length (the 590-foot-long Azzam), and the largest superyacht by interior volume (the 511-foot Dilbar).

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Lürssen Yacht Builders, CEO Peter Lürssen is committed to helping protecting ocean, and overfishing protection in particular, and puts his money where his heart is but contributing to charities dedicated to the oceans he builds for, amongst others.

“The obvious choice is that if the oceans are dead, why would owners want a yacht if it’s not nice to be at sea?”

“I knew the Blue Marine Foundation had been working to set up marine protected areas around the world, so I met with them in London to see how I could help.” 

Peter Lürssen

About the Blue Marine Foundation

Based in London, the Blue Marine Foundation look to protect our oceans and their inhabitants by looking to develop models of sustainable fishing, restore marine habitats, tackle unsustainable fishing, and connect people with the sea, so that those people care and take ownership.

Over-fishing is one of their top priorities and Peter Lürssen is as committed as they are to working with companies and individuals to created best practices in order that we do not run out of the food we love to eat, but also to ensure the ecosystem remains intact. Over-fishing affects so many different elements of our world.

“Over-fishing strips the ocean of life, and so reduces its capacity to produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide and regulate the climate. It’s estimated that almost 94% of commercial fish stocks are fully or over exploited and 90% of large, predatory fish are gone.”

The Blue Marine Foundation teamed up Lürssen Yacht Builders and Boat International for the second annual edition of The Ocean Awards back in 2017. The awards celebrate individuals, companies, legislators and projects that have made outstanding contributions to the health of our oceans.

Peter Lürssen, amongst others, judged the awards. 

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