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List of Luxury Super Yachts

Dated: November 22, 2019
Category: Billionaire Boats

Just like we have luxuries on land, we also have luxuries in the sea. We name those luxuries super yachts in a List of Luxury Super Yachts.

Super yachts are not properly defined about size, however it is agreed that their size ranges from 40 metres to 180 metres or more. Each superyacht has a crew that includes captains, engineers, chefs, and the interior staff.

Captains and engineers manage the technical stuff, chefs are responsible for cuisine while interior staff maintains a hotel-like environment on the go. Most of the superyachts are been used for trips and vacation while a few are used for marine research. If we look at the list of superyachts, we’ll find hundreds of them. Most of them are on the move, while some are waiting for holidays to come.

MYF List of Luxury Super Yachts

Here are some from our list luxury super yachts, all of these are active and in service (except the first one) at the moment:

1. REV Ocean

REV (Research and Expedition vehicle) is a 183m superyacht, which will be completed in 2021. She is owned by a Norwegian billionaire, Kjell Inge Røkke with a cost around USD 350-500 million.

According to the VARD Tulcea, who are building this masterpiece, it can cruise at a maximum speed of 31 km/h. If we talk about the capacity, it will be capable to host around 60 guests and will be operated by a crew of 30.

She is packed with two helipads, two trawlers of which one is submersible. She is the largest motor yacht at the moment and longest of its kind. The owner, Røkke is destined to use his luxury for environmental research and scientific charter purposes. No better reason for adding this to our List of Luxury Super Yachts

2. Azzam

Azzam is the second largest yacht after REV Ocean with a length of 180 metres. She was built by Lürssen Yachts in 2013 and is active since then. With four diesel and gas turbines, she has the capacity to move at a speed of 59 km/h.

The President of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan owns this super megayacht and is packed with one mini submarine for security purposes. According to an estimate, Azzam costed US$605 million for construction.

3. Eclipse

Eclipse, launched in 2009 is one perfect engineering example by Blohm+Voss. With powerful diesel engines, it can cruise at a speed of 40.74 km/h.

The 162.5 metres long superyacht is operated by a crew of 70 which includes the staff for serving purposes. It has got one mini-submarine (capable of submerging to 50 metres), three landing boats, and two helipads. It has got 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, a disco hall and several hot tubs.

Each winter, Eclipse arrives at St. Martin to pick up guests and then moves to Abramovich’s home that is located near St. Barts.

4. Dubai

Dubai is the name of super motor yacht owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum (Ruler of Dubai and Vice President/Prime Minister of UAE). This superyacht is 162 metres long and is known to be the third largest yacht in service.

Platinum Yachts completed the building process in 2006 as they acquired hull from Blohm + Voss and Lurssen shipyards.

About its luxury features, it has got several VIP and guest cabins, a crew area with a capacity to accommodate 150 people (with crew and guest staff). It has got a helipad, a swimming pool and several Jacuzzis. Sheikh has accommodated many business friends on Dubai for vacation.


Built by Lürssen, Dilbar made its appearance in 2015 and is active since then.

It is 512 ft long and can cruise at a maximum speed of 42km/h. Approximately 80 crew members are required to operate and serve the guests. It has the capacity to accommodate 40 passengers with numerous guest cabins.

According to builder’s report, this is one of the most complex and challenging yachts ever built (in terms of dimensions and technology). It is currently owned by a Russian Business tycoon Alisher Usmanov.

6. Al Said

Al Said is another super yacht built by Lurssen Yachts and is active since 2007. It is owned by the longest serving leader of the Middle East, Sultan Qaboos (Sultan of Oman). Al Said was built in a very short span and made headlines prior to the launch. With a 16,500kW diesel engine, it travels at a speed of 47 km/h and cruise at a maximum speed of 27 km/h.

Sultan’s yacht can accommodate 70 guests and is operated by a crew of 154 to ensure maximum luxury onboard.

7. Prince Abdulaziz

As the name suggests, this super yacht is owned by Saudi royal family. It was built on custom order by HelsingerVaerft and on launch, it was named as the largest yacht of 20th century with a length of 147m.

Prince Abdulaziz is used for both; official business and luxury trips by the Royal family. It has a maximum guest capacity of 64 and operated by over 65 crew members. It currently ranks #8 in Superyachts’ ranking list.

The best thing about this superyacht is its interior design that was done by the late David Hicks, remembered as the greatest English interior designer.

9. Topaz – A+

Topaz is a 147 metres long superyacht built by Lurssen (currently named as A+). It was custom built on the order of Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (the current deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates).

It was launched in May 2012 and is active since then. Just like other superyachts, it features double helicopter landing pads, tender garage, swimming pool, a fitness hall (gym), a conference room, and a large cinema. It can house 62 guests and upto 79 crew members. This luxury piece took over 4 years for construction.

Like most of royally-owned yachts, complete specifications are not declared yet but it is reported as 7th largest yacht in the world.

10. El Mahrousa

El Mahrousa was launched back in 1865 and is one of the oldest and largest (145.72 metres) super yacht. Samda Brothers built this masterpiece for the King of Egypt in the 19th century. It features external design by Sir Oliver Lang, who designed some of the finest navy ships for British.

This yacht is a historical piece and is now used for presidential purposes. Egyptian Navy also makes use of El Mahrousa as a training ship. It has got some upgraded features but not publicized yet. It is known to have a speed of 16kn and is operated by a crew of 160.

11. Yas

Yas is an old yacht built for the Royal Netherlands Navy. The 135 metres long yacht made its first appearance in 1978.

Later on, Yas was sold to United Arab Emirates Navy in 1998. It served as navy training ship for several years until it was decommissioned in 2005 and acquired by Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

About specifications, it can cruise at a speed of 37km/h and can carry 2 Sea Lynx helicopters on the go. This old masterpiece was designed by ADMSHIPYARDS and can accommodate upto 60 guests. As its been in Navy custody for long, the yacht was redesigned later when the UAE sheikh acquired it for leisure.

12. Ocean Victory

Built by Fincantieri yachts, Ocean Victory made its first appearance in 2014. 4 years of construction made Ocean Victory’s birth possible. It was built on a custom order by Victor Rashnikov, who’s a russian business tycoon.

It is 140m long, and is managed and operated by a crew of 28. It features 14 private guest cabins, and reportedly six swimming pools. Ocean Victory is a perfect example of technical ability, quality, and industry standards with a beautiful design. It now ranks #10 in the list of largest superyacht across the globe.

13. Al Salamah

Al Salamah is the second super yacht owned by Saudi royal family after Prince Abdulaziz which was built in 1984. Al Salamah, however, was launched in 1999 after years of construction by HDW and Lurssen.

It is estimated to be worth of $200 million USD, and offers multiple luxury features. According to reports made, it features a cinema, a library, a fully equipped onboard hospital, a business center, two full-time beauticians, a spa, and a gymnasium. Just like other yachts owned by royal families, technical facts are not yet known.

14. Rising Sun

Rising Sun is a motor yacht built by German’s Lurssen in 2007 for the CEO of Oracle Corporation, Larry Ellison.

Later since 2010, Rising Sun was acquired by American Producer and business tycoon, David Geffen who bought half of the yacht’s shares in the late 2006. It reportedly cost US$200 million to build.

Lurssen kept this 138m luxury piece capable enough to accomodate 16 guests. With an amazing speed of 52km/h, Rising Sun is operated by a crew of 45 to ensure a luxurious and relaxed experience. It has reportedly hosted Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos.

15. MV Savarona

MV Savarona is the state yacht for the Republic of Turkey and is reserved for the President. On its launch in 1931, it was the largest yacht with a length of 136m (446 ft). It was first owned by Emily Roebling Cadwallader and later it was sold to the Republic of Turkey.

This old masterpiece was built by Blohm& Voss in Hamburg, Germany. It features a classical design by Gibbs & Cox and has the capacity to accommodate 34 guests onboard. About luxuries, it has a library suite dedicated to Ataturk, a movie theater, a Turkish bath, and a swimming pool.

MV Savarona was briefly leased out to a Turkish business magnate KahramanSadikoglu but the lease was terminated and it was returned back to Turkish government and is active since then.

16. Serene

Serene is one of the largest private superyachts that was built by Fincantieri with interior design by Raymond Langton Design. It made its first route in August 2011.

It was a custom-built yacht for the Russian vodka tycoon Yuri Shefler. At that time, it cost US$330 million.

Later in 2014, Bill Gates leased it for $5 million per week. Yacht was acquired by Prince Mohammed Bin Sulman (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) later in 2015 for 500 million Euros.

It is capable to house 24 guests on board with a crew of 52. About luxuries, it has seven decks, two helicopter pads, a hanger, a large sea water swimming pool, and a garage to house a submarine.

17. Al Mirqab

Ali Mirqab is one of the largest motor yacht ever built by Peters SchiffbauWewelsfleth. This masterpiece is owned by Hammad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, who is the former Qatar’s prime minister.

It was launched in 2008 and inspired the yacht manufacturers with its sleek design. With 133m (436 ft) length, it has got 10 guest suites to accommodate upto 24 guests. It also features two VIP suits for the yacht owner. Each suit is fitted with a living room, double bedroom, and a bathroom.

About amenities, there’s a cinema, swimming pool, jacuzzi, a helipad and several sunbathing places.

18. Octopus

Octopus is a 414-foot superyacht owned by American businesswoman Jody Allen. This superyacht is packed with highly sophisticated technology for scientific research requiring months at sea. To explore marine life and greater depth research, it is also equipped with two submarines.

This superyacht also houses a professional music studio, and a grand cinema. Reports suggest a full-time crew of 60 is there to operate this luxury. The maintenance of the ship and salaries costs around US$ 200 million (rumoured) Octopus was built by Lurssen and handed over to the owner in 2003. From that time, it has been used for several exploration project, scientific research initiatives, and rescue missions. It is well-known to host famous faces (celebrities and business personalities) on its well-equipped decks.

19. Al Lusail

The beautiful “Al Lusail” is owned by Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, who is the current Emir of Qatar. It is one of the recent yachts built by Lurssen, and is in service since 2017.

Similar to other arabs’ yachts, it has got zero speed stabilizers, swimming pools, gym, movie theatre, elevator, air conditioning, BBQ, beach club, underwater lights, helicopter landing pad, and a beauty salon. The interior design for Al Lusail was finalized by March & White on the selection of the owner. It is 123m in length and has got a very modern design. Al Lusail is considered to be one of the most classy yachts ever built by Lurssen.

20. Pelorus

Pelorus is another super motor yacht built by Lurssen and is in service since 2003. It is 115 metres in length and with powerful engines it can cruise at a speed of 19 knots.

Pelorus was first commissioned by a Saudi Arabian business tycoon Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh. Later, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich acquired it and equipped it with extra features from Blom& Voss.

Irina Abramovich (wife of Roman Abramovich) received this superyacht as a divorce settlement and sold to David Geffen for US$300 million. Later it was acquired by Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (minister of UAE). In 2016, it was sold to Chinese business tycoon Samuel Tak and has housed several vacation for the owner since then. It features two helicopter pads, landing boats, and jet skies. It is the only superyacht with four zero-speed stabilizers that were fitted by Blohm& Voss.

21. Le Grand Bleu

Le Grand Bleu is known as the earliest superyacht of this century, that is owned by Russian-American businessman Eugene Shvidler. This superyacht was built by Bremer Vulkan and made its first voyage in 2000.

About specifications, it is 112m and has a gross tonnage of 5,556 tones. It is a LR class yacht and flies the flag of Bermuda. It is capable to accommodate up to 20 guests and 35 crew members.

It was recently refitted by the owner in 2010 which added additional amenities like swimming pools and landing boats. It is known to have a twin screw propulsion system with a top speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots. Eugene uses this yacht for both leisure and business purposes.

22. Radiant

Owned by the Emirati billionaire Abdulla Al Fatim, Radiant is known as the 32rd largest superyacht in the world (110m in length).

It was built by Lurssen with external design from Tim Heywood and interior by Glen Plushelberg. The superstructure is made of aluminium while Hull is built of steel. About amenities, it is equipped with an elevator, zero speed stabilizers, beach club, swimming pool, helicopter landing pad, tender garage, movie theatre, and a massage room. It can accommodate 20 guests in private suits and is a house to 44 crew members. Radiant is powered by twin diesel engines and can cruise at a maximum speed of 30km/h. It is mainly used by Al-Futtaim group for business purposes.

23. Andromeda

Andromeda was owned by New Zealand business tycoon Graeme Hart till October 2017 when it was sold to an unnamed buyer. It is one of the recent yachts built by Kleven Maritime AS.

It is 107 metres in length with a beam of 18 metres and has the giant structure designed by Marin Teknikk. Interior design was provided by H2 Yacht design. It also features naval architecture by the designer.

About performance, its diesel engines have the capacity to cruise at a speed of around 30km/h. It is registered by Cayman Islands and flies its flag. Andromeda is capable to accommodate 30 guests and houses 43 crew members which includes captains, engineers and chefs.

The owner has still not revealed his identity and is not listed for charter. It was recently seen at Singapore on 6 March.

24. Lady Moura

Lady Moura was the 9th largest superyacht when it made its appearance in 1990. Registered at the port of Nassau, and built by Blohm + Voss, it is equipped with almost all luxuries onboard.

The propulsion plant is the only of its kind, featuring two KHD-MWM diesel engines (each with a power of 550kW) which makes it move at a maximum speed of 20 knots. Luigi Sturchio designed the naval architecture while lightning design was completed by Maurizio Rossi.

This 105 metres long superyacht is owned by a Saudi Businessman and a US dollar billionaire Nasser Ibrahim Al-Rashid. Nasser has links with several notable personalities and her yacht has hosted George H. W. Bush and his wife Barbara. Details about amenities are not yet reported but it has got several private suits and a helipad. It is reported to accommodate 30 guests onboard with a house to 60 crew members. She belongs to LR class and flies the flag of Bahamas.

25. Symphony

Symphony was the largest superyacht built in 2015. Built and launched in Netherlands, Symphony had to cruise the Dutch waterways to reach open sea for the first time.

Feadship built this 101.5metres long superyacht, which is designed to carry 36 passengers. The yacht’s exterior was designed by Tim Heywood. Naval architecture was designed by De Voogt Naval Architects. Interior Designer is reported to be Zuretti.

Amenities include a 6 metre glass-bottom swimming pool, a grand cinema, a jacuzzi on the sundeck, and a spacious aft deck area for lounging and a dining table for twenty. Symphony is reported to have 8 cabins for VIPs.

It is currently owned by French business magnate Bernard Arnault and has hosted many business friends on Symphony.

About performance, she is powered by four main engines to cruise at a speed 22kn. She is operated and served by an onboard crew of 38. She is currently moored with last appearance recorded near Barcelona.

Final Thoughts

We’ve talked about some of the greatest superyachts ever built. Most of them are up for leisure purposes while some are used for exploration and scientific research on marine life. All these yachts are active and in service.

At the end, answer a question; which one is your favourite from our List of Luxury Super Yachts?

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